Silhouette Heart Box





Introduction: Silhouette Heart Box

You will need:

1/8" Wood
1/8" Acrylic
Super Glue

Step 1: Laser Cut

We used the FSL Hobby Laser.

Raster engrave the black silhouettes, and cut the files out of corresponding wood and acrylic.
You should have a wood heart, two kerf bent wood strips, and an acrylic heart.

You may leave the acrylic silhouette white, but we chose to fill it with black paint.

Step 2: Glue

The bent wood is fragile. Carefully bend the strips around the heart and use small beads of glue to tack the sections into place. Align the notches until your heart is complete.

Step 3: Gift

Whether engraved with our silhouette illusion or just left plain, this box makes a beautiful decoration piece. Complete with bent wood, this fragile piece bends perfectly to fit it’s other half. With stunning raster engraving and a little bit of paint, these panels paint a beautiful picture when looked at from the right angle.

For a unique stand, we remixed our Guitar Stand Instructable and made a small acrylic version in photo 2. It's perfect for phone stands too.



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    How is possible to draw a circular fund such an installation؟

    Using wood and acrylic is a smart idea.
    Reminds me this design I've used in the past for a gift, only with wood :