Silhouette Monsters





Introduction: Silhouette Monsters

This instructable was inspired by the Halloween Garage Door Silhouette instructable, which is truly a masterpiece. I did not have the time, materials, or storage space to complete it. However, I knew I wanted to create something similar. Using wood strips, paper cutouts and lights- this is what I came up with. Enjoy.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Jointed paper cutouts

1/4 x 1 1/2 inch wood strips (available in hardware store in 8ft lengths)


Heavy Duty Stapler

String Lights

1inch penny nails

Hammer (not pictured)

Pencil (not pictured)

Step 2: Building the Support

Lay your paper cutout face down and pose in to a postion of your liking. Take the wood and measure out your lengths needed against the laid out cutout. You can make the wood flush with the bottom of the feet, if you are placing it on a flat surface or leave an excess of a few inches, so it can be put into soft ground against a wall.

Make sure you overlap where two pieces meet, this is where you will be nailing. Mark the parts to be cut on the wood with pencil. Also, label each piece measured with the corresponding area. For example, right arm, lower left leg, etc. This will make it easier to place the pieces after cutting. Using the hammer and penny nails, nail with 2 to 3 nails at any point pieces meet. Once nailed, the wood should be able to stand.

Place the wood structure flat on its flipside and staple the posed cutout onto the wood.

Step 3: Adding the Lights

Lay the cutout with the wood facing up. Starting at the right foot, staple the end of the string lights. Continue stapling up the leg and torso. Go into the right arm and back to the torso. Continue to the head, then down and into the left arm. Come out of the left arm, down the torso and finish down the leg. The excess and the plug will be at the left foot.

While stapling, make sure the bulbs do not peek out from the cutout. Keep them centered and away from the edges. Tuck any lights that pop out under the wires.

When done stapling, turn on and place against a wall to check for any stray bulbs. Tuck them away.

Step 4: Alternate Version- Push Light Version

For the witch, instead of using string lights I used a push light. I put a push pin in the wood and placed a push light. That's it!

It's not as intense as the string lights and gives a different ambiance.

Step 5: Place, Turn on and Enjoy.

Place the cutouts against your garage or wall, turn on, and bask in the glow of your labors.



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    dude, you are a genius.

    =) nah, just resourceful!

    Beautiful effect! Where did you get the monster cutouts?

    Thanks! I got them at the dollar store.

    Great Work and looks very affordable.


    I added lights to the witch, all the trick or treaters were mesmerized by them.

    Pretty professional output. Thanks for posting.