As the season turns to snow and cold we often want to hold on to nature a little longer by bringing decorative grasses, gourds, bittersweet, leaves and other reminders of nature into our homes.   Silhouette lampshades have been decorated in many ways but, living in the country, I decided to make one using natural materials for the decoration.   

Used lampshade from a thrift store
Leaves of various shapes and sizes
Arborvitae sprig, pine needles, fern frond, etc.
Wax paper
Flower/leaf press
White glue, spray adhesive, or tape
A small plastic bag of rice, beans, etc. 

Step 1: Preparing the leaves, etc

Gather a couple dozen leaves of various varieties, arborvitae sprigs, sprigs of pine needles, fern fronts, grasses, etc.  Put them into the flower/leaf press, each sample between pieces of heavy paper, one or two per layer.  Assemble the cover and tighten it down.  Wait a week or two so the samples are completely dry.  

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