My son and I were watching a show on SYFY called faceoff, a reality show about aspiring makeup artist and a competition between them.  In my usual fashion, I said to my son "...we can do that."

Materials used:
  • 3lbs Algisafe: alginate- used to capture models face as safely as possible (used 1/3-1/2 of it)
  • Plaster bandages 4x180 inches used about 1/2 of the roll
  • Air dry clay: used about 5lbs, but it depends on your design.
  • Silicone rubber: Smooth on Dragon Skin Platinum (2lb kit)
  • frame to cast "monster" side of mask.  I used 4 angle brackets and 1/4 X 6 X 24 inch boards.  More on this later
  • Plaster 15lbs
  • squirel cage mixer
  • Dish soap
  • bald cap

Step 1: Project Overview

The whole process is a multi step ordeal.  It involves dental alginate, plaster bandages, clay, plaster, and silicone.

You start by creating a positive mold of your "Actor", build up the enhancements to that character, then cast that, clean the original cast of the actor and use the two to make a two sided mask.  One side gets attached to the actor, one side is the "monster" that was created.

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