Picture of Silicone Flash Filter
Usually it's funny test new ways to obtain some results.
I've two Canon 580EX flashes and I'm already comfortable with coloured filters which fit under the plastic flap. Anyway since I though up a way to make a filter from a commonly used tool, I wish to show you this brain-child.
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Step 1:

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I bought these silicone molds for about 1$ each. They're of the right size to fit on a common flash for photography. And furthermore silicone lets light passing through with a nice coloured effect.

Step 2:

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As you see from the picture, I noticed that cyan container, although it's indeed lighter than the blue one, lets passing less light than the others. So it's not much useful for our purpose. So I decided to use the red, blue and orange molds to create three coloured filters.
You'll see as these filters can be handy attached to any flash.

Step 3:

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Cut the molds with the same width of the flash head, and draw a rounded shape on the shorter sides of the front surface, cut following the curve.
Do that for all three containers and keep the silicone scraps for other projects.

Step 4:

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Now find an elastic of the right size and fit your new filter on the flash... not much to say about that ;-)

Step 5:

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These are your new coloured filters, you can roll them up to keep them in your pocket, believe me, they're very handy, and they don't crumple as plastic sheets.

Step 6:

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Test them with a fixed white balance (I used cloudy weather) and enjoy new effect. In this way you can use the second flash as backlight and change the colour of the background in a portrait session.
andrea biffi (author)  Ben Reeder1 year ago

Hi Ben, you can find many of these silicone containers in chinese shops which sell gadgets of many types. At least this is true here in Milan, I'm not sure how it is in other Counties...

Tinting dryer sheets different colors would give you numerous options. Dye or food coloring maybe?
Another great Instructable, Andrea! Now on the hunt for these or maybe I'll just make a trip to Milan! Have been twice and LOVE it.
Myykuul2 years ago
Thanks, Andrea, Hmmm, would you be willing to narrow that target store a bit?
andrea biffi (author)  Myykuul2 years ago
of course: Via Missaglia, Milan, Italy ;-) I'm sorry it's not an online shop.. there are a few similar on a google search
mijaresvel2 years ago
in where do I find.
johnclark2 years ago
Very nice instructable, it would be very useful to have a source for the silicon widgets. Thanks
andrea biffi (author)  johnclark2 years ago
I bought silicone molds in a cheap shop where you can find everything... from dresses to lamps to kitchen tools etc.
I work on indie videos a lot. we use dryer sheets for light diffusers. the dryer sheets don't burn from the hot lights and they smell good
andrea biffi (author)  vegasrandall2 years ago
aren't dryer sheets only white? that's interesting..
lindarose922 years ago
Voted! :)
andrea biffi (author)  lindarose922 years ago
Thanks Linda!