Step 3: Technique: Drawing on a Flat Non-stick Surface

You can do flat designs, or flat parts for larger designs, by extruding silicone on a flat non-stick surface.  Polyethylene plastic is a good material for the flat surface.  You can stretch trash bags over a board as a cheap surface to work on.  I prefer a rigid polyethylene kitchen cutting board, like this one I got at Sam's Club.  

After the silicone hardens, you just peel it right off.  

The parts below are mostly fins for a fish sculpture I made.  
How does this not have tons of views and comments?! it's amazing!
Possibly because it didn't get featured. Maybe it didn't get featured because it's not a single project, but rather an overview.
Meh, it doesn't have to get featured to be popular... this is just amazing!

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