Step 4: The Eye

I made the eye by tracing the outside and inside diameters of a washer onto white plastic. I cut around the outside of the washer to make the general circle, then filled in the inside diameter with marker to make the pupil. To secure it, I bent a small nail into an “L” shape and pushed it through both the eye and the body of the brain slug. I finished up by coloring in the nail head so it blended in with the pupil.
<p>This looks so cool. I want one. </p><p>I think it would look better with a wig, as you said. Also, I would probably try making the eye with Oogoo, and then attaching it with a little blob of Oogoo. But, I haven't actually made anything using Oogoo yet, so I don't know that it would work. </p>
It's not the best looking brain slug I've seen, but the glow really makes this a cool project. I would add a few more LEDs and light them with a slow chase effect so that it looks like the brain slug is sucking something up from the host's head.
Several people had similar suggestions so i went ahead and updated it this year. the slow chaser really makes it. thanks for the constructive ideas.
This looks really cool, except for the eyeball. It's curving the wrong way. You could improve the look if the eye conformed to the curvature of the slug's body. Could you have used glue instead of the nail?
thanks for the warm words people. :)
&quot;And what are the Brain-Slugs who control you going to do for us?&quot;...<br> <br> L
I love this.
Awesome! I love that you added it to a hat AND made it glow! Really makes a difference.

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