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I did some shirt printing earlier this year, and I just wanted to share some of my pictures from the process. 

The "GLR" or "Girls Locker Room" shirts were for my college suite mates and our extended friend group, which is called "Girls Locker Room" because of some decade-old story.

The red "OMAM" shirts were for myself and christmas presents. OMAM stands for "Of Monsters and Men", an Icelandic band which at the time did not have any apparel. 

The PAIRD shirts were for my brother for christmas, he is currently working on a 10 part lego-stop-motion series called PAIRD.
The logo for my brother's production studio is a globe with an arrow through it, so I also made him some shirts with that logo on it (those are the light green ones). 


theosaurus (author)2015-05-04

What is your machine? I'd like to look into getting one

tokala (author)2013-05-07

Very cool t-shirts. What is the film that you made the stencil out of?

Sam DeRose (author)tokala2013-05-08

Thanks! The film is this green silk mesh stuff that comes in a role. It has a plastic material coating the silk, and that machine (pictured above) burns out the plastic wherever it sees a dark spot on the design template. So basically you are left with a paint-proof screen with a bunch of tinny holes poked through the mesh wherever the design is. As you wipe paint across it, the paint only soaks through the holes, creating the design on whatever is underneath.

sinyage (author)Sam DeRose2015-02-08

whats the name of the machine in the picture above and where can i buy it?

benwade (author)2013-11-14

I'm trying to be nice here, but where is the instruct in this instructable?

Sam DeRose (author)benwade2013-11-14

Fair question! Occasionally I use Instructables to document projects for my own purposes, as well as writing informational instruction guides. This wasn't intended to be a true 'instructable', it was just a way to post pictures of a project for my own archiving sake. I suppose I could use flickr or some other image hosting site, but this gives me an easy, consolidated way for me to keep track of my projects. Sorry if I misled you!

benwade (author)Sam DeRose2013-11-14

I didn't mean to be an ******* about it, but I was thinking I was missing the instruction part of the project.

vdvoort (author)2013-05-08

i would like to see how you made the screen/film and maybe a video of you making the shirts? thanks for sharing nonetheless!

Sam DeRose (author)vdvoort2013-05-08

When I get more progress pictures next time I make some shirts, I'd like to make a full instructable, because this post was basically just putting up the pictures I did have... I like the idea of a video though!

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