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I love making cards
We always make different cards for different occasions
i have tried silk thread design for making card

for making this we need
Silk thread spool/reel
small needle
compass (for drawing round shape)
card (preferably thick)

Step 1:

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open the card
on the back side of front page draw the circle using compass
use center as guide and draw two points on the circumference of the circle as shown in the picture (it should divide circle into halves)
now using center as a guide draw 2 points such that circumference should divide into quarters (please refer photo)
now divide circumference into 8 parts (refer photo)
(photos show better guidelines)
now put 8 dots/points between every part

in short your circumference must have total 72 points

Step 2:

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now use needle and punch every point using needle

Step 3:

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Take your favorite color silk thread spool
cut it such that the length of it should be comfortable to you (so that it should not get tangled)
usually silk thread spool is having 6 threads together, you must separate them, because we are going to need single thread.
put a knot at one end of the thread. knot must be thick enough so that it must not pass through the holes punched by needle.
put the other end of the thread through needle

Step 4:

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now take out needle from one point say no.1
count points and put needle back through point no. 18
take back needle from point no- 19
put it back through point no. 2
take it from point no.3
put it back through 20
continue this procedure

if thread ends in between (which usually happens) put a knot at back, tight knot so that design at front doesn't loosen.
(if you want you can fix knots using adhesive tape)

Step 5:

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This step is only for showing step by step progress

Step 6: Silk Thread Design Card


momoluv (author)2015-10-09

this is super amazing! So creative and unique great job

philocirapt0r (author)2015-07-07

Sweet! I'll have to try this! Good instructions and pictures

Sammi11402 (author)2013-11-09

That's really cool I might try that in my free time

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