Silly Putty





Introduction: Silly Putty

That weird sensory stuff kids and adults alike get a kick out it. Even if you don't like to admit how fun it is to play with, silly putty's bizarre texture and chemistry is definitely therapeutic. Well, who knew you could make it out of three simple ingredients you probably already have lying around the house.

Simple and gratifying, follow this quick instructable on how to make the Putty childhood is made of.

Step 1: Supplies

1/2 cup white glue
1/2 cup water
food coloring if desired

2 tbsp Borax
1/4 cup water

Step 2: Glue and Water Mix

Mix together 1/2 cup of glue with 1/2 cup water. Add in food coloring here if you want.

Step 3: Borax and Water Mix

In a separate container, combine 2 tbsp Borax with 1/4 water. Make sure it is thoroughly mixed.

Step 4: Throw It All Together!

Combine both mixes. Add more Borax if putty isn't gooey enough. Keep stirring it until almost all the liquid has been incorporated into the blob of putty

Step 5: Play! and Store

You're ready to play with your homemade Silly putty!

You can save putty in an airtight container for later fun.



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    It looks a bit sticky

    I will try it any way

    Thank you guys for all these ideas

    wht is this ? play dough?

    air dry??/ or baked???

    It is a slime made out of glue and borax.

    This "silly putty" is listed in the category KIDS. Is something full of borax and glue suitable for kids?

    Silly putty is for kids. calm down.

    no in matter of fact consuming borax can kill you so ya its perfect for kids