Picture of Simon Says Narnia Wardrobe Game
narnia wardrobe.JPG
Simon Circuit pic.JPG
Main Circuit.JPG
This year at the Trunk O Treat at my church I made the game "Simon Says Narnia". This is the electronic game Simon by Hasbro built into a wooden wardrobe like in the movie The Chronicles of Narnia, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" by C.S. Lewis.
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Step 1: How the Electronic Simon Game Works

Picture of How the Electronic Simon Game Works
The Simon game lights its colored buttons with 3.5VDC (On State) and 0V (Off State). With this condition a TTL logic device can be used with the Simon game. I connected wires to each color of the (+) side of the small Simon light bulbs. I tied each of these (control +) wires to separate TTL MOSFET Transistors (On Semiconductor TTL Power MOSFET part# MTP10N10EL)to drive higher current load. I need around 300mA@12VDC to illuminate the game pushbutton switches and around 850mA for the LED's in each the picture frame.

Step 2: Build the Wardrobe

Picture of Build the Wardrobe
The wardrobe is constructed from 1"x2" furring strips to make a low cost frame with plywood sheeting on the outside. The sheeting is 1/8" project plywood that comes in 4Ft X 8Ft sheets. The dimensions are noted on the drawing. The over all size is 4Ft wide by 6Ft tall and 16In deep. The wardrobe has two doors that close and open. I used double hinges so the door will swing open to 270 degrees.
la_america1 year ago