Simon Swears - Now With Geniune Casing and Electrical Improvements


Introduction: Simon Swears - Now With Geniune Casing and Electrical Improvements

It all fits into the casing with a bit of squeezing, theres a 9V battery, ardiuino, ISD chip and amplifier circuit crammed in there.
Its been improved software wise too, I found an arduino library that communicates with the ISD chip over an SPI connection. You create a chip object then call methods like "chip.setplay(startadd, endaddr)". Much easier than before
I've got an arduino barebones kit coming in the post, so i'll etch a circuitboard and replace all the cruddy wiring with something much nicer soon :)



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    Amusing, but i think this will get anoying very fast.

    Funny, but highly inappropriate for a family friendly site like instructables. Sorry, but flagged as such.

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    This website clearly spells out several places it is a family friendly site. It does require age 13+ to join/post... so as a general reference point, anything PG or PG-13 should be fine and not inappropriate. Anything R rated violates the code of conduct.

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    I rather wouldn't compare it to any rating system at all. You assume that your view on what is appropriate (there's no such thing as a society's view) is the same as instructables'  I don't think you're getting employed by instructables to interpret their TOS, so why do you feel the need to impose your view of what is appropriate on this site on others? 

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    I have been asked by Instructables, as has EVERYONE who is a member or regular viewer (including you), to rate content as inappropriate when I see it. Otherwise those terms of service would not exist, nor would their flagging system exist.

    I am not imposing my personal view of what is appropriate on others. I personally joke around with language far worse than this in my day to day life. I am respecting the wishes of others, including many of my friends and family as well as the "societal norm". This type of content is not family friendly. Aside from "family friendly", I know grown women who consider C*nt to be the foulest, most disrespectful, and worst term possible.

    You seem to feel that all members of this site should be free to post anything they wish with no limitations at all; or that is the direction you're pushing this to. That is quite obviously not what the site owners and operators wish. Have you even ever read the Instructables Terms and Conditions of Use? Specifically section 8.a.?

    Simply by having a membership here, you have agreed to these terms, whether you are familiar with them or not. If you don't like them... go elsewhere.

    hmmm, well I do love me some trolls. So I take it you also take offense at other ibles like casting breasts in various mediums like chocolate or whatever or what about some of the hunting ones that contain blood and violence or the countless other ibles that contain 'bad' words directly in the instructions? nah I diddnt think so, but its always fun to whine about nothing eh?

     Sad that George Carlin is no longer with use ti write up some shtick about the words we aren't supposed to read or hear on instructables, :) 

    I think its piss, which, on the radio & tv(sometimes) here, is considered swearing.

    No it's definitely "Pee", which is rather mild as compared to the rest. One worders with similar punch don't spring to mind too easily, but I could do better than "Pee".


    I disagree, I definitely hear an 's' or a 'c' in there, but yea, just about anything is more vulgar than that, even some medical term are more vulgar than that.

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    The Big Lebowski, a fantastic film if you've not seen it


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    I don't know what to say. I mean, I almost pissed my pants when I saw the video. I gotta have one of these!!!!

    Nice job! I do so love potty humor!