Uuuuuggghhh..... Me want to show you...... how to draw. Me, Simon. Braaii....ummm DRAW!!!!!!

Well actually this is my creation! Meet Simon the zombie. He was a doodle and I gave him life. Now he is here in my instructable for you to see and possibly learn *my* way to creating a creature on a PC with Sketchbook pro 5 and a Wacom tablet (intuos3). You can use any drawing tablet that you have readily available. So come on, if you dare. BWAHAHAHAHA!

List of ingredients!

- Imagination
- Drawing (your best creature/monster/princess - it's endless folks)
- PC running Sketchbook Pro 5
- Wacom or equal tablet
- Imagination (yeah it's that important)
  *optional scanner

Step 1: Let's Get This Creature Started!

Hello everyone! This is to be my very first instructable!!! (roar of crowd and clapping). So what best to start with but an instructable for Halloween!?!?! I mean really? is there any better time? So here we go!!!

Step 1: IMAGINATION!!!!!

Step 2: Hold a drawing instrument and draw
Everyone knows how to draw. I know you do. Don't lie to me. We just met.This is a requirement for this lesson. If you pick up a drawing instrument (ex: crayon, pencil, pen, small rock, etc..) and make a scribble on any surface, congrats you drew something. You're qualified to continue. Way to go!!

Step 3.Find a subject that interests you
Bunnies? Vampire bunnies? Zombie vampire bunnies? Zombie vampire bunnies on fire? You are the king of this paper - make it yours. I drew several things in an old sketchbook of mine. I decided that I was more interested in zombies at this moment. So that will be my subject from here on out.

Step 4. This is a choose your own adventure (you know you love it)
   Door #1. Redraw your creation on the wacom or any other tablet.
   Door #2. Scan your drawing using any standard scanner.
   Door #3.  Fall into a pit with a dragon of despair and die of sheer boredom.

I wouldn't choose door #3. Just saying. I chose door #2 this time, but I have chosen door #1 also doing other pictures. This is completely in your hands. Use what you have and go with it. See pics below.

Step 4. Now is the fun part. GO CRAZY!
  Now we have come to a very exciting time in our lives that things can go whichever way we want. Always remember: You may think something may not look right, but they are your creations. Let them be what you want. That being said, it's time to start bringing your creation alive!!! It's alive!!!! It's alive!!! (almost).

Step 5. This is how I start
I take my drawing and open it in Sketchbook pro. I bring up all the toolbars in sketchbook Pro that I use.
- Layers
- Color Palette
- Tools
- Brushes

 I will be using various tools throughout this instructable. I leave it up to you to decide what you want to use to create your thing. I will say that I use the following tools mostly:

- Felt tip
- Airbrush
- Eraser
- Layers (you'll hear this A LOT)
- Copic marker (all various tips)

So toy around with each tool and decide which works for you. Just cause I use one thing doesn't mean you wouldn't want to do it another way.
Step 6. Layers!!
I use layers all the time. Layers are built in cheat sheets for art programs. You use a new layer over your image and try what you want and if it doesn't work then get rid of it. Your layers are very important. You switch which layer is on top or on bottom; This is handy when need to touch up any coloring or you want to add something to your drawing but are not quite sure if it looks right. USE YOUR LAYERS!! THEY HELP YOU!! Carry on.

 Ok, I take my original image and use the transparency slide to make it light. You can see in my pics the difference between how dark and light it is. This will help us make a true outline and give our creation a digital life.Ok on to the next page!

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