Simple "toss Lamp"





Introduction: Simple "toss Lamp"

Simplicity + Function

Sometimes, a project doesn't need to be complex to be effective. Here is a super simple "toss lamp" that can be placed or tossed anywhere you want low-level lighting.
You can use different colored stringed lights for whatever mood you want. You can even hook it up to a color organ (lets light throb to music) and have a bunch laying around the floor for parties.

1. Take a tupperware bin of any size or shape
2. Toss in string lights
3. Close the lid, letting the plug end dangle out
4. Place the light, plug it in



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    I used a string of LED lights.

    ... and also made a blue one and a red one... for mood!

    thats seriously the best idea ever. tho i wouldnt leave it on too long for fear of overheating. i live in a tiny 6 by 7 room (only big enuf to fit a queen bed) with a little bit of walking room. and that would be handy haha

    Incredibly simple, thanks!

    Simple, Effective, Easy-to-do, Perfect!

    Just a single out doors christmas light and shove it in there. Be saker and almost as effective. Try it

    you should hook up some lights in ur leftovers and host a party and tell them to help themselves the food is in the fridge.

    The warning on the package about spacing the bulbs apart is because bunching wires causes heat. That's why the warning on extension cords says to uncoil them completely before using them. If you try this, see how hot it is after 20 minutes. If you can't leave your hand on it, it's a fire hazard. So put the beer down and just drape them over a couple of pictures on the wall.

    Great idea to illuminate a terras !

    It actually looks good.