Simple 'No-Kill' Mouse Trap





Introduction: Simple 'No-Kill' Mouse Trap

Catch those furry critters with this simple mousetrap.

Step 1: The Tube...

Take a toilet paper tube and tape a weight (ie: 2 quarters) to one side. Partially flatten the other side so it does not easily roll (see picture).

Step 2: Set the Trap...

Position your tube halfway extended over a table or counter top, someplace elevated the mice can get to. Set a small raisin in front of the tube. Set another small raisin at the overhanging end of the tube. If you use peanut butter you may only need a tiny bit in the tube. Place a trash can or deep bucket under the tube. Edit: you can place some padding in the bin, consider they may chew on it. While the fall is probably not pleasant it does not hurt the mice.

How it works: The mouse enjoys the first morsel outside the trap and goes for the second. When it goes in the tube, the tube will tip and fall into the trash can before the mouse can get back out. Once inside the bucket the mouse will jump so make sure it is tall enough.

Step 3: The Catch!

Congratulations! Hopefully you will have demonstrated your superior intellect and caught a mouse. Now you get to exercise your capability for compassion and take care of your new pet or set it free somewhere else. As noted by another reader it may be a good idea to release them in an area with another potential food source.



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    How it works doesn't explain the quarters.

    OH MY........No kill? Cmon. PLEASE do your homework on this subject. YOU have no idea about what happens to this POOR little mouse when you "Place" it somewhere else? He usually DIES of starvation because YOU placed him somewhere where he CANNOT find food! Oh but that's OK He's NOT your problem anymore.

    7 replies

    what mice have you been talking to? the ones where I come from start entire new colonies if you catche them live and relocate them. I'm a huge animal Iover but loose mice in the house (not talking about pet mice) are disease vectors. I'm personally okay with killing (humanely) or releasing far off in a field but I am not okay with poisoning (that goes for any animal) or other methods that cause undo suffering. Anyway, not meant as a snub in the nose - just that around these parts we have mice just about everywhere and I cant' imagine where I could drop one off and it would die.

    Totally agree with the disease vector. Mice and rats are carriers of Hantavirus in the U.S., and I worked with someone in my first job out of college who died from it. It's spread through rodent droppings and urine, and the CDC lists it as a 36-38% fatality rate for HPS, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome.

    You're kidding right? Do you feed mice in your home? They shred everything and scatter feces everywhere. You live like that???

    as a matter of fact, we have two or three field mice in our home, and i do in fact feed them and give them water. they NEVER chew on our wires or anything else...there has NEVER been any damages, all we have ever seen is a few tiny droppings....i see no reason to kill them, but we are making a different trap than the one shown, it is a no kill/no harm trap, out of a soda bottle and a clothes hanger...then we will drive out to a field down the road and release them...we wouldnt even try to catch them normally, but we are getting ready to move and i dont want the managers to exterminate them...i may even keep them if i can catch i already have a menagerie, one or two more would be welcome.

    I just put watter in thee bucket no starvation there

    No starvation but if u ever come close to drowning you understand a little bit what this would be like why dont you use the traps that snap the little critters neck these traps r cheap and quick and b working since forever

    Listen what you do is put the toilet paper roll over a bucket or a trash can something tall enough so that they cant jump out then when u catch the cute bugger u drive a few miles down in the country someplace where there is no homes ( you dont want to save em just for someone else to kill it) and just let it out some people put water n the bottom so the mouse drowns but to me that is cruel and if i had to recommend a trap that kills it would for sure recommend the one that snaps there necks its quick most of the time

    I don't think this works with NYC mice. They're too smart for it and have seen too much. The mouse in my apartment just took one look down that toilet paper tube and got the hell out of there. He knew it was a setup. Now I think I hear him laughing at me :(

    2 replies

    most mice are too smart for this kind of trap, your scent would be all over that tp roll and that is why he wont use it...mice are far smarter than you give them credit for

    **UPDATE: The mouse just pushed the tube off the counter into the trash can and got away with the food.

    Just in case the thought has not been expressed; releasing vermin where they are not desired can be considered vandalism.

    1 reply

    who said they were released where they were not wanted? ever hear of field mice? they were here before you were....putting your home where it is, probably chased them from THEIR home...ever think of that?

    I had hampsters growing up. That's some cold hearted people out there to "drown"anything.,Poison, etc. , Panic & struggle & suffering comes with tha.. Yea they chew stuff up They are just trying to survive Are they attack mice? N,, So don't be cruel


    As noted by another reader it may be a good idea to release them in an area with another potential food source.

    E.g., Owls. :)

    So i am also ussing this method but little different i live in aa city so i can't release it so you caan aalso just put water in the bucket it aalso helps against the jumping

    Love it! I hate killing litt critters!

    this is simply brilliant! thank you!!!