Step 2: Set the trap...

Picture of Set the trap...
Position your tube halfway extended over a table or counter top, someplace elevated the mice can get to. Set a small raisin in front of the tube. Set another small raisin at the overhanging end of the tube. If you use peanut butter you may only need a tiny bit in the tube. Place a trash can or deep bucket under the tube. Edit: you can place some padding in the bin, consider they may chew on it. While the fall is probably not pleasant it does not hurt the mice.

How it works: The mouse enjoys the first morsel outside the trap and goes for the second. When it goes in the tube, the tube will tip and fall into the trash can before the mouse can get back out. Once inside the bucket the mouse will jump so make sure it is tall enough.
mguest12 years ago
This will definitely catch mice but will likely result in broken mouse legs. I have seen mice break their legs falling off of counters and tables so this might not be the most humane set-up "as-is". However, the idea is good and could probably be improved be lessening the impact of the fall. You could prop up the garbage pail to reduce the distance or put some material in the bottom to absorb impact.
nayeli5592 years ago
all you really need is a dog i have a mixed pomeraninan and he catches them like nothing..its actually really gross and i dont know why he likes doing it but he likes the hunts -_-
brebre973 years ago
this is a great idea, but i need a way to catch a mouse on the ground!...my mouse squeezed itself through the bars on my rat cage and it jumped off of the dreeser onto the floor while i was asleep and i cannot find any ideas of how to trap it!?
0087adam6 years ago
Im not sure it doesnt hurt them, they probably get a migraine from hitting the bottom, or a broken toothpick bone or something small like that.
Bugsgalore7 years ago
I like this I was looking for something to catch the critters without harming them. Thank you so much. Great idea.
ive also invented a mouse trap! its called; Homemade mouse trap ( cheap and easy )