Picture of Simple 9v usb charger in an Altoids tin
Parts used

Altoids Tin (empty)
5v Voltage regulator-i used a 7805
Female USB port
Battery clip


Soldering Iron
A File


Shrink tubing 

Note:this is my first instructable please tell me how i did :)
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Step 1: 7805 pinning and usb pinning

Picture of 7805 pinning and usb pinning
 on the 7805:

pin 1-positive in
pin 2-negative (ground)
pin 3-positive out

on the usb:
D+/D-      these are data-lines and are not used in my instructable

****EDIT-on the usb the pos and neg are it the wrong spot just flip the position :)

Step 2: Step 1

Picture of Step 1
Grab your 7805 and solder 1 wire to each leg.(if your putting in a switch add 2 to the ground leg).

Solder your positive "in" leg onto the positive lead from the battery.

Now solder one ground wire to the switch and one to the negative wire coming from the battery.

Now solder the lead coming from the switch to the negative on your usb.

From the positive out leg on your 7805 solder a wire from it to the positive wire on your usb.

Step 3: Cutting Holes

Now take your drill and drill holes for your switch and usb.

Then file the holes square.

Step 4: Done.

Picture of Done.
 Now finally add everything to the tin and your good to go!

one tip: you can use the tin as a heatsink for your 7805.
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i used a car charger to usb converter but for some reason it says "charging is not supported with this accessory" what should i do

you're using an Apple device right?

im having the same problem. the usb charger only charges my device for a second, and then gives that error. i have tried it on a blackberry and an old ipod and they worked fine, but as soon as i connect to my phone (i use an iphone 5 ios 7.x.x) it gave the error

compaqgt5 years ago
if you connect 2 9v batteries how long will it charge and will i need cooling
tuck9117 compaqgt10 months ago

itd double the time in theory (dont feel like doing the math) but u would want a really good cooling system set up maybe small fan plus small heatsink

Genious idea
this completely FRIED my ipad.... I just got a diff transformer to match the input charger levels, and bam a little ozone later and it NEVER WORKS AGAIN!!!

well a u shouldnt have used the chargers input levels, of course it was gonna fry it at 120 volts

tuck9117 tuck911710 months ago

*120 volts ac

I wrote wow because you spelled genius wrong
rryapolov4 years ago
Would this schematic work?
Rryapolov, your 7805 pin usage is wrong.
Center is GROUND
Right is VOLTAGE OUT (the one with LED should be the RIGHT one).


not necessarily the led on the right pin

not necessarily the led on the right pin

Totally wrong 7805 pinout is 1-input(more than 7V DC) 2- ground 3- output 5V DC
martzsam3 years ago
Does the 5v regulator work for over 9 volts? Could I hook a 12v?
tuck9117 martzsam11 months ago

yes the recommended input voltage is
min: 10.5 volts
max: 25 volts

31mimo martzsam3 years ago
i made this ..but my phone is charging with discharging means if puted for one hour its only charge 10% after that the percentage is not increased but my phone is shows it is charging ..after that if restarted my phone it becomes 0 % nothing charged what can i do please help me:(
You should probably only charge your phone when it is turned completely off so that it has no drain on the battery. It also wouldn't hurt to place a diode in line on the negative from the USB port to prevent back charging.
tuck911711 months ago

why not just add the switch between the positive on the clip and the positive in on the 7805, saves material

i made this ..but my phone is charging with discharging means if puted for one hour its only charge 10% after that the percentage is not increased but my phone is shows it is charging ..after that if restarted my phone it becomes 0 % nothing charged what can i do please help me:(
pious1232 years ago
Can it work for galaxy ..??
Could you use 2 9v's? I'll be gone for 10 days, and don't really access to batteries.
Tanky533 years ago
Do you have to worry about the data transferring wires in the USB? The way i'm thinking is that you only need the power supply wires.
clzfishing3 years ago
Where did you find the female usb port i cannot find one?
nodoubtman3 years ago
i think that doesnt work for a ipod touch 4 G?

thank you!
joemmm4 years ago
does it work for iphone?
ugoel4 years ago
listen the instructable is amazing as a first 1 but i wud like to know if i cud use dis on my "samsung s5620"

npn-diodes4 years ago
Yeah, like Thermiter wrote the picture of the male USB connector confused me totally.
So I changed my text 4 times. lol
You wrote > on the usb the pos and neg are it the wrong spot just flip the position :)
Since you meant the voltage, not the data lines, I think that you mean a female connector, since it will be built in the box, so you show the wrong connector.
But I didn't want to complain since I know from job how much work it is to be 100% correct. So I wanna say thank you. :-)

I found the same sites that Thermiter noted.
Please have a look at:
You already know: They say: 1=VCC, 2=D-, 3=D+, 4=GND.
I tried to add the pics from those sites which are most important, but this site doesn't show them in full height and width. If anyone knows how to change this problem, please tell me. ty
This is my first posting. :-)

 Pretty nice. How much would it charge an iPod?
Unfortunately, off a 9v battery, it won't charge for long.  See my above comment.
Thermiter5 years ago
This is a pretty nice instructable.  I made one of these for myself before I read this and I did it a bit differently.  First off, I used 4 x AA batteries because using a 9v only gives you 600 mah or so, AAs give you over 2500.  Also, I used a low-dropout regulator because I knew that the 6v would not be enough for the 7805 (try the LP3873ES-5, it's more complicated to use but worth it).  I'm not sure where you got that female USB, but it's kinda bulky, you could try a different version without the big plastic ears to sleeken the design.  If I were you, I would use a cutoff wheel to cut the rectangular hole for the USB port, because it's a lot less hassle.  Lastly, you should include a link to the instructable on how to force an ipod to charge from 5v DC, because most people want this to charge their iPods, and it won't do that the way you have it configured.  I actually considered writing an instructable on how to make one of these, but if you consider my advice, I won't have to ;)
And one more thing I almost forgot.  You should clarify the orientation of the USB pinout.  The picture you have is of a male plug and it's quite confusing.  There's a good explanation here:
janw5 years ago
Very nice Instructable. Maybe you should add the pinning for the 7805 and the USB-connector because some people are not familiar with those.
james7193 (author)  janw5 years ago
 doing it now :) thanks for the tip
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