This guide is a how-to on how to produce a simple, aesthetically appealing, acrylic stand for your iPod touch or iPhone. As a DIY'er, I decided to produce something not by buying, but by using something I find around the house. I am an avid aquarist, and create my own acrylic and polycarbonate filter tubes for my aquariums. Since I did not want to go out and purchase my own acrylic pieces, I just flattened out some old acrylic tubes had. I created this stand to not only take up less space than my LEGO stand, but also to make a more modernized, simplistic stand, using minimal tools. This clear stand also gives the illusion that the iPod or iPhone is floating in air.

Step 1: Materials

 To make this stand, you will need:

1 set of hands, preferably moisturized and smooth
1 stove (preferably electric for further accuracy of bends) or heat  gun
1 faucet of flowing, cool water
1 lengthy sheet of acrylic (or flattened acrylic tube(
1 saw to trim
1 piece of sandpaper to smooth rough edges
1 warm sunny day to enjoy and do something creative
<p>bravo. it's so nice i want that</p>
How long should the sheet be and how did you go about &quot;bending&quot; the acrylic? By hand, tool or? Thanks for your posting, it looks really good!
Nice you could also add the charging cable and it would be awesome.<br />

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