Simple Airsoft Guide Pt. 1 - Classes (Community Edited)

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Alright, so first of all, THIS PAGE NEEDS YOU!!

So, now that that is over, I was/am sick of all the two-step or overly-complicated 'beginner' airsoft guides that rush you in all at once, so I decided to create this multi-step guide.  It will consist of several parts, how many, I don't even know, when I feel it is completed, it is done.  This particular part will list multiple classes and define them.  It will not include the guns for each class in this part, it will come in the 'guns' part (likely the next).

If you see the words 'Info Needed' or 'Incomplete' near the top of the 'step' or next to the Tactics/Tips/Info lists, it means I have little or no personal experience regarding that topic, so feel free to PM me or comment some info that I could add to make the guide better.  By doing this, I hope to create a large, community-incorporated guide that all will benefit from, expert to beginner.  Also, even if the words aren't there, feel free to ask me to add something if you feel I forgot.  Also, feel free to send in some pictures, I'm afraid that some TF2 pictures will cut it in the long run.

Other Info: Yes, I did gain inspiration from Team Fortress 2 (amazing game, free to, check it out), so expect to find many similarities.

Personal Note: So, I made the draft for this 'ible about 3 years ago, and it's great to be back.  Although all the nostalgia is rather annoying, when I look at older accounts no longer active.

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Step 1: The Classes

There are several classes you and every player of airsoft should know.

1. Sniper

2. Scout

3. Engineer

4. Medic

5. Rifleman

6. Heavy/Juggernaut

Know their weaknesses, their strengths, and their user's personality to be able to beat them in battle.
12010076 months ago
The animation do not help your cause and it looks like you are doing something about a video game by saying "heavy" the correct terminology is support gunner.
thing 22 years ago
TF2! :D
bighead5454 (author)  thing 21 year ago
ebaneser1 year ago
the scout should carry binoculars to be able to spy and report to his team on the enemy
bighead5454 (author)  ebaneser1 year ago
Five months late, but it has been added!