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Introduction: Simple Airsoft Guide Pt. 1 - Classes (Community Edited)

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Alright, so first of all, THIS PAGE NEEDS YOU!!

So, now that that is over, I was/am sick of all the two-step or overly-complicated 'beginner' airsoft guides that rush you in all at once, so I decided to create this multi-step guide.  It will consist of several parts, how many, I don't even know, when I feel it is completed, it is done.  This particular part will list multiple classes and define them.  It will not include the guns for each class in this part, it will come in the 'guns' part (likely the next).

If you see the words 'Info Needed' or 'Incomplete' near the top of the 'step' or next to the Tactics/Tips/Info lists, it means I have little or no personal experience regarding that topic, so feel free to PM me or comment some info that I could add to make the guide better.  By doing this, I hope to create a large, community-incorporated guide that all will benefit from, expert to beginner.  Also, even if the words aren't there, feel free to ask me to add something if you feel I forgot.  Also, feel free to send in some pictures, I'm afraid that some TF2 pictures will cut it in the long run.

Other Info: Yes, I did gain inspiration from Team Fortress 2 (amazing game, free to, check it out), so expect to find many similarities.

Personal Note: So, I made the draft for this 'ible about 3 years ago, and it's great to be back.  Although all the nostalgia is rather annoying, when I look at older accounts no longer active.

Step 1: The Classes

There are several classes you and every player of airsoft should know.

1. Sniper

2. Scout

3. Engineer

4. Medic

5. Rifleman

6. Heavy/Juggernaut

Know their weaknesses, their strengths, and their user's personality to be able to beat them in battle.

Step 2: Sniper

Essentially, the main support-giver.  They generally wear gillie suites (a form of camouflage where the suit is the same color as the environment with strands of burlap, nylon, or other thin, light-weight material designed to look the same as the plants surrounding the wearer).  They pick off enemy soldiers at a distance while remaining unseen.  Excellent aim is highly recommended. 

Stay below the horizon, as it is easier to see a dark person against a bright blue/orange background.  If you can, buy or make a gillie suit. If you are in a zone with lots of obstructions, try to find an enclosed area to make your 'nest'. If you do make yourself a nest, make sure that a wondering player can't see your outline, so try to find a building (never resort to a hill). Any time you have the chance, re-locate quietly and quickly after a kill, to keep the enemy guessing.  Never ever reveal your location to multiple people at one time, it is a death sentence.  Try to get a spotter-someone who tell you the locations of enemies you may not see.  Finally, again, be smart about your location.  try to keep low, unless you trust yourself enough to climb and snipe from a tree. 

Keep several bottles of water and (you're going to see this next bit of food a lot over this guide) beef jerky, as relocating can be tiring, and the jerky can give you the boost you need.  Keep a full/semi-auto sidearm, always.  Take wind and distance into consideration, always, it can make or break your shot.  If using a gas rifle, buy/make a silencer, gas rifles get their firing noise similar to real weapons, so silencers will work better.

Strength: Large, flat, grassy areas, long range.

Weakness: Wooded area, short range, full-auto weapons.

Step 3: Scout

Info Needed

The scout class is designed to be quick and agile.  They usually use fast-firing weapons, and wear light, loose clothes for greatest mobility that are colored with the landscape to allow them to remain hidden.  Scouts usually run ahead and report on the enemy's position and possible plans.  They are hard to shoot, but easy to be shot by.

Tactics: Incomplete
Scouts generally move and stay moving, so as to not get hit. 

Tips: Incomplete
I recommend water and (once again) beef jerky as pick-me-ups.  Stay away from firefights, scouts are the guerrilla troops of modern-day.  They usually carry a melee weapon for silent, stealth kills. It would definitely be a good idea to carry around a pair of binoculars, a cheap scope (with zoom, if possible) or even a range finder to figure out the locations of enemies and (if you're in a more realistic or serious game) report them to your team's leader. Or just to inform your nearby friends. Whatever works.

Strength: Wooded areas, high-rpm weapons

Weakness: Flat areas, defending themselves against multiple enemies

Step 4: Engineer

Info Needed

Info: Incomplete
The Engineer (henceforth, Engie) sets all the traps, turrets (if you have extra money to spend), etc. up. The Engie could make his own traps (I find that a pull-n-pop tied to some yarn makes for a great warning device), or buy some from airsofting sites/Wal-Mart.  Engie, generally, tries to avoid combat of any sorts but can defend themselves if the need arises.

Tactics: Incomplete
The Engie needs a surprises to throw at the enemy.  Claymores, noisemakers, turrets, etc.  Anything explosive can be used to startle, 'kill' (in the rules my friends and I play by, if you trip any sort of trap you're dead), or propel BBs/powder if fashioned into a grenade.

Tips: Incomplete

Strength: Surprise

Weakness: Anything to do with any amount of people attacking (usually) one guy

Step 5: Medic

Info Needed

Info: Incomplete
The medic can be one of the most useful of all the classes, but also one of the least common.  Depending on the rules you're playing by, Medics can be completely worthless or complete lifesavers (har, har, har.  That 'un was a gud pun).

Tactics: Incomplete
Stay fast, keep some bandages, etc. I have no idea what to put here for this class.

Tips: Incomplete
Same as Tactics, I suppose.



Step 6: Rifleman

Info Needed

Info: Incomplete
The most basic class in any military-simulation type game.  Uses, well a rifle, to kill enemies at short to medium range.  The standard 'infantry' unit of airsoft. 

Tactics: Incomplete
Stay moving, keep your aim true.

Tips: Incomplete



Step 7: Heavy/Juggernaut

Info Needed

Info: Incomplete
The Heavy uses armor to better protect themselves and gain the upper-hand.  However, they move quite slowly, and generally their larger weapons take much longer to reload. Depending on the game's rules, Heavies can take many more shots, if the user has proper armor to qualify as 'bulletproof' in the game's rules (if there's even a section about that).

Tactics: Incomplete
Keep moving.  Spray and pray is sometimes your friend.   

Tips: Incomplete
Use beef jerky and water to help your loss of energy, you will be running under a heavy load.



Step 8: Final Word

Please comment, and rate what you think seems fair.

Remember: this page will likely not be complete when you view it.  I need the help of the community to get info for the classes I have not a single clue over (you can probably tell which ones).  So if you think you have something worth adding, PM me or comment (preferable PM, as it's easier for me to notice quickly) what you think should be added to the classes.

Also remember: if you want, tell me about some pictures you think would work.  Give me some download links to a few of yours, if you want, and I'll credit you with them.

Also remember this: if I am given info to add to this 'ible, I will create a page dedicated to all the people who shared their info.



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    So the medic in Airsoft will only be able to be used if the field/game allows medics and should also carry a weapon for medium range engagements.

    The animation do not help your cause and it looks like you are doing something about a video game by saying "heavy" the correct terminology is support gunner.

    the scout should carry binoculars to be able to spy and report to his team on the enemy

    1 reply

    Five months late, but it has been added!