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Alchemy. when you think of it what do you think of? A mysterious art? Magically turning lead into gold? or possibly that famous anime? Alchemy is all of these things, and partially the last one. ill talk about that later though. I am here to spread the ideas of Alchemy. But I will not preach, only enlighten.

I am a beginning alchemist currently working on my first elixir so I can't answer too many questions. But I will definitely try my best.
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What is Alchemy? The dictionary defines it as : a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold, the discovery of a universal cure for disease, and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolonging life. While this is true, I think of it as a blend of spirituality, philosophy and science. Science states that through matter life was created, in Alchemy, it was life that created matter. everything was created from one source of matter. And that matter created the Three Essentials. Mercury, Sulfur and Salt. But trust me, it has nothing to do with the liquid metal.

Some believe that Alchemy is a psychological aspect in life. But why is it that many of the older scriptures seem to describe Alchemy in a fashion that would almost be considered Chemistry. Now lemme delve right into the bare bones basics of Alchemy.

Alchemy has three aspects as I’ve said before, Mercury, Sulfur and Salt. Let’s take a look at Mercury.
rickharris1 year ago
Mmm yep - OK

Newton was allegedly an Alchemist but than again so were a lot of his peer group.

I guess with so many people beleiving in Astrology anything could happen..

Me, I put my faith in Chemistry and physics.
Alchemy really is the only philosophy I can truly understand. I think I have some more things I need to add to this though like Qabalah and the Polarities.

Any questions about Alchemy? Any questions in general?

im 12 and really interested in alchemy could you teach me how

Why yes I have one simple question. WILL YOU PLEASE BE MY TEACHER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Two questions in all seriousness:

What prompted your interest in alchemy? Frankly, most people only know the term from anime or the "lead into gold" discussion that plagues Wikipedia pages. I've studied some of the theories out of pure interest (I'm a mythology and ancient science buff...especially interesting are some of the alchemical theory ties back to ancient Grecian philosophy - Plato laid out a surprisingly well thought-out view of the world in a very crude alchemical sense in the Timaeus). It's tough to tell from your writing tone (fairly professorial) in what vein you wrote this - do you actually practice alchemy, are you just interested in it, is this a joke, etc. I'm just curious as to where you are coming from.

Second, what do you hope to accomplish? Some people view alchemy as an art form, more practiced than preached, while some take it as philosophical / spiritual / psychological. You call it a philosophy above - so what do you want to do with it?

FYI, I am serious here. Honestly, I view alchemy as an interesting proto-science, nothing more, but there's no denying the fact that humanity was heavily invested in the study for millenia. Whether is has any modern value or not is someone else's debate territory, but it's surprising to see someone post about an esoteric study and neither be flamed for their beliefs nor be aiming to incite flames.
I have always had an interest in Alchemy but I have never found out how to perform it. But just a couple of weeks ago my friend and I were joking about starting up a meth lab, Breaking Bad style. Jokes aside, he knew lots about different chemicals and compounds so I asked him how he knew all about these things and he then said that he was an alchemist. I thought he was kidding but then he showed me the book  The Way of the Crucible I then asked him if I could borrow it and said that he had a better book, Real Alchemy  from which I currently study. I am only an apprentice and I am making my first elixir right now, but I do know a majority of the spiritual aspects.

I hope to accomplish spiritual enlightenment through alchemy and hopefully learn what makes nature work. I would also like to note that I am also interested in it's medicinal effects. It has been proven that some elixirs have better medicinal qualities and no side effects whatsoever. I have felt the effects of these medicines and I know that they work. 

Hopefully I can get an instructable made on the elixir that I am currently making. (Provided that it is a success). I am also trying out different techniques for distillation. If you can help that would be great, and credit will be given where credit is due. 

Hope that helped answer your questions. 
Yup -and mercury is a basic element. Spirit of an object?
nrahimjonova2 months ago
So mm...I have sooo much to say... can I pleaseee talk to you I THINK I have some information about this that you might be interested in...I don't know how to contact you though... And yh; THANK YOU :-)
kmikado3 months ago
i am truly facisinated by alchemy and have been for some time now. i must ask though how do i preform this basic alchemy? ive looked for quite sometime now and this is as close as i get, but from what i noticed you never really tell us how to but just explain it which is great but i need more i have longed to do this and with your help i can finally start practicing alchemy. please come back to me asap i am truly greatful
HealerKira4 months ago
Could you recommend any books or websites to help understand the three? It took me a while to finally grasp the concept of Sulfur and Salt, and I still don't think I quite understand it. And what would you recommend to better understand the theory?

I just started learning about alchemy, but still haven't found any good online resources other than this to learn more.
crestind1 year ago
Honestly I just want to make gold. Elixir is secondary.
The ignorant and narrow minded will never achieve gold. Alchemy isn't just a "get rich quick" scheme. It's a sacred art that has been kept secret for thousands of years because of that mind set.
Oh boy. You're one of those alchemists aren't you. I'll leave you to your meditation and hippie nonsense. Alchemy is not an "art". It's science. One step above chemistry. I would say that you are the narrow minded one for assuming that making gold must be for some get rich quick scheme.
"Now as I end this I would like to say one more thing. For any of those who decide to disregard the philosophy and try to make an elixir or even Philosopher’s Stone, you will not succeed. It seems simple but it really isn’t. Know the theory before attempting the praxis. You will transmute nothing if you have not transmuted yourself first."
Um, no. That's not true at all. If you do it right and your alkahest is sufficiently strong it will work. "Transmuted yourself." This is more nonscientific content, and stuff like this is why few take alchemy seriously. That and all the unnecessary symbolism and alchemists' apparent inability to just call a damn thing what it is. Sure it was needed for alchemists to protect themselves in the past, but it's really not necessarily nowadays. Seems more like ego stroking for alchemists to show off how "learned" they are.
Not entirely sure if you know this but chemistry is one step above alchemy since it has faster reactions and more potent materials. And I am sorry to say, but without the spirituality aspect, you are only doing chemistry. Nothing more. If you attempt anything without truly knowing anything about alchemy, you will lose your life. And if you really think it's as easy as you say it is, I will give you 2 years to confect a Philosopher's Stone perfectly with no impurities. It can be made from absolutely any material and made in any way. If you can do it, I will bend and say that I am wrong and that you don't need the spirituality. Now get cooking.
"Not entirely sure if you know this but chemistry is one step above alchemy since it has faster reactions and more potent materials."
Are you serious? That's a gross generalization (that chemistry has faster reactions?) and poor reasoning. You've got it entirely backwards. Chemistry is purely physical phenomenon. Alchemy is both physical and aetheric phenomenon. Alchemy makes use of chemistry, but chemistry does not make use of alchemy. Your claim that chemistry is a step above alchemy is like saying that arithmetic is a step above algebra because arithmetic problems are usually faster to solve.

I never said to attempt it without understanding alchemy. How can you even perform alchemy without understanding it?

What I am saying is that your implication that there is some sort of "spiritual" aspect alongside the stone (you said that the alchemist also transmutes himself) making is superstitious nonsense. There are people who make it in hours with modern techniques. Your line of thinking that there is some "spiritual" aspect is just magical thinking.

At the moment I have exactly zero interest in making a stone. There are more important things to do.
(removed by author or community request)
I am frankly offended that you are telling me that my spirituality is a waste of time. I have told you what alchemy is and what it isn't but since you refuse to acknowledge this, I am not going to respond anymore. I have better use of my time than spending it arguing with you. I will leave it on the note that I find it strange that someone would want gold for something other than money. It makes sense that I would use it for something other than money because I can do different things with it. But any true self-respecting alchemist will always take the spirituality into account.

Also, your comment "What I am saying is that your implication that there is some sort of "spiritual" aspect alongside the stone (you said that the alchemist also transmutes himself) making is superstitious nonsense." Offended me to the point that I need to reevaluate whether or not I will ever post anything like this again. I thought that the Instructables community would be respectful about the way that I live my life but I was apparently wrong.

I am no longer going to respond back or add to this chain.
"I find it strange that someone would want gold for something other than money
Well, yeah that's probably because you don't know its other abilities"
>Doesn't realize gold can be turned into monoatomic gold powder "bread" of the Egyptians

"I am frankly offended that you are telling me that my spirituality is a waste of time."
>Offended by the truths presented by science. Maybe religion is better suited for you?

"I am no longer going to respond back or add to this chain."
As I suspected. Another holier than thou "alchemist".
But what's the point of having gold your just going to take power by using the gold which is childish an immature. If you want gold that bad you can get it but it's going to cost you something, that and you have to get complicated ingredients. Your so ignorant when the creator is trying to tell you something but you don't listen one bit. The 1st rule of alchemy: to obtain something in equal value you must first be given up. Something as powerful as the Philosophers stone could take you and lives. You probably wouldn't stand what you did and feel the guilt of YOU killing innocent people.
"I thought that the Instructables community would be respectful about the way that I live my life but I was apparently wrong."
I didn't imply at all that you were wasting your life or anything. Only that the spirituality is completely unnecessary for stone making. I have very little interest in your life.
I loved this so much. You made it so simple. Will you be making more articles? Also, will you be teaching people?
i have two questions for you. 1. (since i`m new to all of this) what do you recommend to be my first elixir? 2. what steps should i take to become better at alchemy? and i like all the information you have given me and everyone else.
geoblu210 months ago
thank you for making this. I literally made an account to comment. I am very interested in alchemy, but had no idea where to start reading or learn about this. Now i have somewhere start my basis of learning Alchemy, both spiritual and practical alchemy (as described by where i did most of my reading, havent paid for classes though...) Anything you'd recommend for an aspiring alchemist?
TheGuerrillaAlchemist (author)  geoblu210 months ago
You're welcome. I would recommend investing in a sacred table to do your work on. It doesn't have to be expensive, but having a sacred space is important. Dedicate an entire section of either your house or your room to Alchemy. You don't need to have a really expensive table like mine for it to be an Alchemy table. If you were to use common kitchen items for your work, be sure to separate them from your cooking materials. Just keeps it same and your tools won't be contaminated with food.
tsmith831 year ago
HAHAHAHA Alchemy even doe it seems like this great type of magic science it is not alchemy my friend is a a form or should I even better state a start of early chemistry. The forming of new materials threw the use of already existing matter is very possible I have even created a prototype of a machine to do such this. However to morph an substance of matter you must first take this matter substance to it base elements and from there you can then morph the atoms and create them into a new substance by the manipulation of the said elements protons causing an change in the element its self in basic terms of what you are calling your "alchemy" you can do this.
Do tell of the method of operation, good spirit.
daisyalan1 year ago
Can i just ask

What is an elixir???
And is alchemy a religion???

An elixir is a combination of the 3 essentials and is an evolved form of nature. Seperation of the excess and recombination of the 3 most pure things in a plant are what make an elixir powerful.

Alchemy isn't a religion because it has no main figure to worship and has no plans for afterlife. It is considered a philosophy.
Thanks :)

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