Alchemy. when you think of it what do you think of? A mysterious art? Magically turning lead into gold? or possibly that famous anime? Alchemy is all of these things, and partially the last one. ill talk about that later though. I am here to spread the ideas of Alchemy. But I will not preach, only enlighten.

I am a beginning alchemist currently working on my first elixir so I can't answer too many questions. But I will definitely try my best.

Step 1:

What is Alchemy? The dictionary defines it as : a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold, the discovery of a universal cure for disease, and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolonging life. While this is true, I think of it as a blend of spirituality, philosophy and science. Science states that through matter life was created, in Alchemy, it was life that created matter. everything was created from one source of matter. And that matter created the Three Essentials. Mercury, Sulfur and Salt. But trust me, it has nothing to do with the liquid metal.

Some believe that Alchemy is a psychological aspect in life. But why is it that many of the older scriptures seem to describe Alchemy in a fashion that would almost be considered Chemistry. Now lemme delve right into the bare bones basics of Alchemy.

Alchemy has three aspects as I’ve said before, Mercury, Sulfur and Salt. Let’s take a look at Mercury.
Hi I Went on the Internet and found a REAL Alchemy State Exam and passed with an 83•/• Thank you. P.S. I found a book called real alchemy
<p>I want to learn alchemy. If any one can help me out it would be great. Anything at all. Theories, tips, or anything i wold be willing to read. Just sent it to me on this site. I also want to learn how it started and why people are still using it today. I want to learn all of alchemy's secrets. No madder how well protected. </p>
<p>Hey I am one of the alchemist, and I have many different theories on Alchemy, as well as how to make The Philosopher's Stone.</p>
<p>question did you learn alchemy yourself or did a person or group of people teach you.</p>
Can you help me out on becoming an alchemist
<p>I see this is a month old but if you could contact me with this email so I could ask you some questions I would appreciate it greatly. Say Simple Alchemy for the subject.</p><p>saturdaynightspoofs@gmail.com</p>
If you are real alchemist,can you tell me how to become an alchemist?
i m a begginer alchemist i wanna discuss bew theories for the philisopher's stone
If you wish to discuss, we may need a way to talk properly. I am unsure I would post my e-mail address on here, I do not think you should too.
I wanted to learn alchemy because I'm obsessed with Fullmetal Alchemist (and obsessed with Envy...)
<p>I like the brotherhood cause Al gets his body back</p>
<p>Yeah, Envy's cool. I like Roy Mustang better and Lust is a cool character too (not my favorite, but cool). My comment is pretty much pointless, just saying that I'm obsessed with Fullmetal Alchemist too </p>
<p>okay, so I have taught myself everything about alchemy from research. I have the prima materia, as does everyone else. Since I have taught myself all of this information obviously I don't have proof, but... I know what I know is real. And I know it's accurate. Basically all I need help with is the set up, I know what I need, I just want to make absolute sure that I am performing it right. I basically just need someone to be a mentor, and im not like all these others asking for you to teach me alchemy. I actually understand it and have it all figured out down to the last detail besides the actual process and set up in witch I would like guidance. But if it's not offered I will most definitely accomplish it alone. You can email me at k36wryi8.grr.la your guidance would be much appreciated </p>
<p>Hello, I've always thought about alchemy, I've always wondered how it works. I'm willing to learn, but my main goal is frankly to achieve immortality. Ask my friend, well you can't at this time because you don't quite know who he is. But he and I are willing to learn, mostly me though. So if you will e-mail me. Someone that can teach me their insights. I want to learn everything that I can. And I want to make my dream become a reality. My friend and I have devised a way to grasp immortality through technological means. But I'm not willing to share that quite yet. But they way we've been able to decipher it is through technological means. I want to learn more so that I can grasp the aspect of immortality through the means of alchemy. I feel like it would be better than to use the technological direction of the topic. My e-mail is rutledgeisaac6969@gmail.com</p>
<p>Ps</p><p>I have an almost pure purple Philosophers stone sitting on my desk I made (Took a really long time to make) It's solid but it breaks if you use to much force on it.</p>
<p>who is to say you truly are turning the metal Lead to the other metal gold, perhaps it is how many ancient cultures use gold, in English many words for &quot;gold&quot; roughly mean Knowledge, perhaps alchemy is learning, learning of the world, turning the lead of your mind, to gold. That seams MUCH more reasonable. In fact, most cultures of the past valued knowledge as much more valuable then any material item, gold tarnishes and turns dull, but a mind filled with &quot;gold&quot; is safe from tarnish, and can hold a limitless wealth. Alchemy is as much science as spirituality, achieving balance, both in life and in your work as an alchemist, if you do not hold balance in yourself, how can you expect your work to?</p>
Can I get a beginner alchemy book from a public library??
I would like to learn alchemy and become an alchemist
Can some one help<br>Me become one
If it is not to Much to ask I would like to talk with u to help me get a better understanding of alchemy I am wondering if it can help fix the problems this world has cause and help the people I do not want to learn alchemy to make me rich or to live forever I just want to save this world and.make it a better place if u would like to contact me I would be greatly appreciative. Ps why does everyone want to live forever it would be so lonly
<p>I also have this goal. My brother also suffers from a rare blindness, But I swear you couldnt tell.. He can go through a pokemon game on his own with little help with his first time going through it.. Even smash bros. &amp;&amp; he's good at them.. I breaks my heart he can't enjoy the things he loves the most.. Please Help..</p>
I would love to learn alchemy to heal people of there sickness'
Honestly I just want to make gold. Elixir is secondary.
The ignorant and narrow minded will never achieve gold. Alchemy isn't just a &quot;get rich quick&quot; scheme. It's a sacred art that has been kept secret for thousands of years because of that mind set.
<p>Excuse me, Me and my friend are trying to learn alchemy...were gonna try to work on our spirituality then elixirs but could you PLEASE tell me how(btw we don't give up =^_^=)</p>
<p>Umm me and my friend are attempting to teach ourselves and your a BIG help so do u know what we should do to make our first elixer(we are trying our best btw we won't give up =^_^=) </p>
How do I get started in alchemy?
I used to dabble in alchemy but I'm a bit rusty. The gateway is letting spirits terrorize my family to the point of physical harm. Wickken seals aren't enough, so i need a list of materials and at least a digital picture of the transmutation circle. Send it to my email, foxhound.hq.001@gmail.com. You may call me The Aqua Alpha Alchemist.
I am trying to learn how to preform alchemy can you help me
<p>Alchemy isn't something you want a few years ago I've tried it myself in exchange I got nothing but the lost of my family, I thought by exchanging something from me was actually, my family paying the price I endured by creating that transmutation circle on the earth<br><br>equivalent exchange you're exchanging lives with spirits that can provide you with anything </p>
first of all i think your confused real life alchemy is very diffrent from full metel alchamist wich is personely one of my fav shows real alchemy dousnt involve tranmutaction circles or any of those things its very diffrent and very difficult unless you know what your doing that show makes it seem so easy hub
I need help. I need to know what to draw and what i need in order to seal a spiritual gateway that was forced open (it was open when i got there). Can anyone help?
Hey guys,I have a question. Is anyone of you a real alchemist?
<p>I came here to become a state alchemist</p>
Dude state alchemist are only in fullmetal alchemist
<p>HAHA! i like you</p>
FMA? Not real. Remember that
<p>also is fullmetal alchemist close to what alchemy is ??</p>
<p>i just here because of fullmetal alchemist but caan someone explain if stuff like this can happen ???</p>
<p>Hi there I'm just an anonymous alchemist without a name but you can call me Judgement ^_^ I've been an alchemist for about 7 years now (Since I was smaller and got intrigued by Alchemy) and have made and invented a couple elixirs of my own for friends and personal use. I must say by far you're the only person I've seen so far that has an actual understanding of the basics of Alchemy and doesn't just go around pretending to be an alchemist and being a Full Metal Alchemist wannabe. I've been writing a small book on the basics of alchemy and was wondering if you'd like to proof read it for me and collaborate on it allowing a proper basic alchemy book to be made for those wishing to become alchemists such as us. If you wanna get in touch with me I have a steam account as well as a skype and email Steam- The Lone Alchemist Skype- Judgement Eternal the one with the skull picture and Email TheLoneAlchemist@gmail.com</p>
if you can understand alchemy can you tell me some books for a begginer alchemist
Can you email me a explanation on celestial niter and salt and how would one start practicing or learning alchemy. Shadowhunt742@gmail.com
<p>Sorry about that typo my email is TheLoneAlchemist1@gmail.com XD</p>
<p>How would someone start at as an alchemist? What would I need to do first? Could you email me at garrettcook74@gmail.com please?</p>
What exactly are Celestial Salt and Celestial Niter?
Where did you learn Alchemy

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