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Alchemy. when you think of it what do you think of? A mysterious art? Magically turning lead into gold? or possibly that famous anime? Alchemy is all of these things, and partially the last one. ill talk about that later though. I am here to spread the ideas of Alchemy. But I will not preach, only enlighten.

I am a beginning alchemist currently working on my first elixir so I can't answer too many questions. But I will definitely try my best.
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What is Alchemy? The dictionary defines it as : a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold, the discovery of a universal cure for disease, and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolonging life. While this is true, I think of it as a blend of spirituality, philosophy and science. Science states that through matter life was created, in Alchemy, it was life that created matter. everything was created from one source of matter. And that matter created the Three Essentials. Mercury, Sulfur and Salt. But trust me, it has nothing to do with the liquid metal.

Some believe that Alchemy is a psychological aspect in life. But why is it that many of the older scriptures seem to describe Alchemy in a fashion that would almost be considered Chemistry. Now lemme delve right into the bare bones basics of Alchemy.

Alchemy has three aspects as I’ve said before, Mercury, Sulfur and Salt. Let’s take a look at Mercury.
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ZenWolf2 days ago
Where did you learn Alchemy
I really found this helpful to understand more about alchemy.
Thanks a million;)
GatoSoldado2 months ago

and how to do it?

shayne.bedard2 months ago
How would one go about creating the Materia Prima? I hear it is every where we go a simple material but not recognized by its value, And if you could it would be great if you email me at I think I may have the lost ingredients to a certain beloved elixir of abramelin the Mage.
zeestructable2 months ago
I think I have been a victim of an Alchemy experiment by a docter. Will I have high mercury levels in my body? How can I prove this???
is alchemy real? if so i really would like to learn and do it.
Im a young adult looking for a teacher on how to perform alchemy.
if u have ur own website, email me at gaytanjesus673@gmail. Com
JesseK23 months ago

What does it mean to have it Fixed or Volatile? And could you explain the celestial salt and Niter?

JesseK23 months ago

What is the main equipment for alchemy like in chemistry you need certian equipment to do experiments?

And is it a very challenging process?

Im tryin human transmutation for my mom she might die and if she does i have to try to bring her back no matter wat the cost
Knightmage4 months ago

i am a alchemist and i must say i've been one mostly 1300 years and now i need to forge a new immortality stone so im looking for 250 people to forge a new one

Tell me how to be an alchemist and I'll help

starkhem5 months ago
could you tell me a formula, or give me a starting point on using alchemy
daisyalan2 years ago
Can i just ask

What is an elixir???
And is alchemy a religion???

An elixir is a combination of the 3 essentials and is an evolved form of nature. Seperation of the excess and recombination of the 3 most pure things in a plant are what make an elixir powerful.

Alchemy isn't a religion because it has no main figure to worship and has no plans for afterlife. It is considered a philosophy.

In alchemy, does immortality be ever possible?
If so, what are your evidences.
and 2nd question, if immortality in alchemy is possible, doesn't it interfere with religion?

TheGuerrillaAlchemist (author)  googedler11 months ago
There is no evidence to support immortality. Allegedly Nicolas Flemmel had achieved it, but I do not know of any way to become immortal. The closest you get I believe is the Philosopher's Stone, but those are extremely difficult to make.
Thanks :)
alchemy is not a religion, it's a scienc
jed2075 daisyalan9 months ago

hello need a alchemy teacher need to learn more

ty stevealex3

an elixir has many effects and alchemy is not a religion
Kylep3395 months ago
I have to many questions can I please have a private convo with u
Kylep3395 months ago
I have to many questions can I please have a private convo with u
Disturbed81910 months ago

How do i transmute myself?

You begin by creating the 7 basics. Take each one per day, on the respective date and meditate. The more you do this the purer you will become.

this is probably a stupid question but, what are the seven basics?

tsmith832 years ago
HAHAHAHA Alchemy even doe it seems like this great type of magic science it is not alchemy my friend is a a form or should I even better state a start of early chemistry. The forming of new materials threw the use of already existing matter is very possible I have even created a prototype of a machine to do such this. However to morph an substance of matter you must first take this matter substance to it base elements and from there you can then morph the atoms and create them into a new substance by the manipulation of the said elements protons causing an change in the element its self in basic terms of what you are calling your "alchemy" you can do this.
BobB2 tsmith836 months ago

I actually read and watched an interview about this guy who made a machine that turned lead into gold in extremely small amounts.. the downside was that the cost to do it made it a big waste of time and money. I kinda agree about the early chemistry thing but I think we've lost ( we being the general public) a lot of valuable science (alchemy .. chemistry.. whatever) over the last few thousand years. People don't tend to use science to make concoctions with health boosting consciousness altering properties now a days. We have drugs... but most are extremely harmful. We have health foods and drinks.. but they have ingredients that we don't want in them and theres always room for improvement. Imagine what kind of things these ancient alchemists must have experienced keeping in mind that they were probably using themselves (or test subjects :D) as human Guinea pigs.

AdanA2 tsmith837 months ago

i agree with u it is only a start of an early chemistry

Do tell of the method of operation, good spirit.
crestind2 years ago
Honestly I just want to make gold. Elixir is secondary.
TheGuerrillaAlchemist (author)  crestind2 years ago
The ignorant and narrow minded will never achieve gold. Alchemy isn't just a "get rich quick" scheme. It's a sacred art that has been kept secret for thousands of years because of that mind set.
Oh boy. You're one of those alchemists aren't you. I'll leave you to your meditation and hippie nonsense. Alchemy is not an "art". It's science. One step above chemistry. I would say that you are the narrow minded one for assuming that making gold must be for some get rich quick scheme.
"Now as I end this I would like to say one more thing. For any of those who decide to disregard the philosophy and try to make an elixir or even Philosopher’s Stone, you will not succeed. It seems simple but it really isn’t. Know the theory before attempting the praxis. You will transmute nothing if you have not transmuted yourself first."
Um, no. That's not true at all. If you do it right and your alkahest is sufficiently strong it will work. "Transmuted yourself." This is more nonscientific content, and stuff like this is why few take alchemy seriously. That and all the unnecessary symbolism and alchemists' apparent inability to just call a damn thing what it is. Sure it was needed for alchemists to protect themselves in the past, but it's really not necessarily nowadays. Seems more like ego stroking for alchemists to show off how "learned" they are.
TheGuerrillaAlchemist (author)  crestind2 years ago
Not entirely sure if you know this but chemistry is one step above alchemy since it has faster reactions and more potent materials. And I am sorry to say, but without the spirituality aspect, you are only doing chemistry. Nothing more. If you attempt anything without truly knowing anything about alchemy, you will lose your life. And if you really think it's as easy as you say it is, I will give you 2 years to confect a Philosopher's Stone perfectly with no impurities. It can be made from absolutely any material and made in any way. If you can do it, I will bend and say that I am wrong and that you don't need the spirituality. Now get cooking.

A philosophers stone is not a physical object. It is a metaphorical stone of power (source of power) from within your own body. Think of it like the crystal that would be used to power a quantum computer.

"Not entirely sure if you know this but chemistry is one step above alchemy since it has faster reactions and more potent materials."
Are you serious? That's a gross generalization (that chemistry has faster reactions?) and poor reasoning. You've got it entirely backwards. Chemistry is purely physical phenomenon. Alchemy is both physical and aetheric phenomenon. Alchemy makes use of chemistry, but chemistry does not make use of alchemy. Your claim that chemistry is a step above alchemy is like saying that arithmetic is a step above algebra because arithmetic problems are usually faster to solve.

I never said to attempt it without understanding alchemy. How can you even perform alchemy without understanding it?

What I am saying is that your implication that there is some sort of "spiritual" aspect alongside the stone (you said that the alchemist also transmutes himself) making is superstitious nonsense. There are people who make it in hours with modern techniques. Your line of thinking that there is some "spiritual" aspect is just magical thinking.

At the moment I have exactly zero interest in making a stone. There are more important things to do.
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