This is an easy-to-make algae scraper for scraping algae (duh) off of glass aquarium walls. Not recommended for acrylic tanks, as it may scratch the walls.
Note: This is not my idea. The original idea came from Here
Note: Hot glue guns get hot. razor blades are sharp. any injuries you may obtain while making this instructable is not my fault.

Step 1: Gather Tools/Materials

The tools and materials are as follows:
1- Razor blade
2- Pens with caps (Preferably the same brand/type)
1- Hot glue gun w/glue
1- Cutting Tool
why attach a blade rather use a brush end it will scrape better and will protect the ornaments too............and if it does nt scrape ten need to sue those for making fake ads :P<br>
nice, if you put the blade on an angle, it will scrape better.

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