Introduction: Simple Altoids Mesage Catapult

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A simple office supply catapult

Step 1: Suplies

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1 Alltoids Tin 4 Ruber Bands 1 String 2 Paper Holders Sticky Notes Tape

Step 2: Rubber Bands

Picture of Rubber Bands

Wrap the ruber bands around the tin, so that it closes on its own

Step 3: Attach Paper Holder 1

Picture of Attach Paper Holder 1

Put the paper holder in the middle, so that it wont close.

Step 4: Tie String

Picture of Tie String

Tie the string to the prong on the paper holder closest to the deep dish on the altoids tin.

Step 5: Add Tape

Picture of Add Tape

Add some tap to the bottem of the tin, so that the tin will stick to a flat surface.

Step 6: Prepare Message

Picture of Prepare Message

Write your mesage on a sticky note. Fold it down-words and use the other paper holder to keep it closed.

Step 7: Set and Fire!

Picture of Set and Fire!

Set the message as shown, pull the string back and up to fire it. Have fun!


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