This instructable will show you how to convert an analog (PS2 type) joystick and adapt it for use as a digital joystick without a PIC or any complex electronics.

Step 1: Materials Needed:

-Analog  joystick – I got  mine from an old PS2 controller, or you can buy them.

-Sharp hobby knife

-(4) 150K resistors

-Magnifying glasses

I want to remove the joystick completely and mod in a new d-pad.<br>Can I simply hardwire from the joystick tabs to d-pad buttons or do I need these resistors in place?
<p>did you find something about how to achieve that?</p>
<p>Or just use the same four resistors without needing to wreck the joystick :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1W26b14W-Gw</p>
<p>Link broken... :(</p>
Your solution is better/simpler. Can no longer view the video however; do yo have another link for the same technique?
<p>Good morning, you ask I did the next thing I picked up a joystick wanted to change the analogical by potentiometers have the board of analog I cut the wire from the analog board and called directly on the motherboard where will the next most wires called everything right 4 Potentiometer more as I turn it works more normal when almento potentiometer it is giving kinda buggy changing it does not increase as I ordered it increases tremendous know tell me you can be? the code of the analog and 103 I put potentiometer of B10k from already thank those comments to help, thank you</p>
<p>I picked up an old Logitech Wing-man Extreme at a Good Will for $3, thing is I want to convert it to USB by changing the POTs to digital and doing away with the game port. If I did this for the rudder axes (twisting the joystick) and the throttle control on the base, (a pivoting plastic ring connecting to a pot), would this solve my issue? and if so would I need to program software for proper intergration or could I possibly use drivers from a digital joystick and roll with it?</p>
<p>Sorry but can anyone explain how to hook this up to a motor</p>
<p>Awesome tutorial. This is precisely what I was searching for.</p>
it dosent tell you how to hook it up to a standard controller. which is what we all came here to see. the d-pad on a standard controller only connects 2 contact points together for each direction. <br> <br>What are the resistors for? and why do ii need to supply voltage? <br> <br>how do you simply connect 2 points together?
<p>If you are here, you shouldve probably already known how to connect it to a controller considering thats less advanced. Anyway, dont worry about the resistors(already built into controller) and supply voltage just means electric makes it work.</p><p>Most controllers already have the thumbstick inplace so desolder that and the new one should be the proper size to fit into the pre existing guide</p>
Can i wire this up to a fighting stick that uses micro switches? <br> <br>I want adapt a sixaxis to a fighting stick that uses micro switches.
Does the &quot;depress&quot; button still work?
Nice Instructable.... I did this exact same thing about a year ago for a little UAV I built. Glad you did the Instructable Though because Im sure others will find a use for it in place of a large &quot;Joystick&quot; that uses regular DPDT Switches.
but this will turn the joystick into an spdt switch . so it will not work as a dpdt switch . <br> <br>i racked n cracked my brains out to find how this will work as a polarity changing switch(dpdt switch) ..... turns out that it can't be used as a dpdt switch <br> <br>
so by default ......... can we not use this thumb joystick directly to control dc motor polarity? ( clockwise n anti clock wise ) <br>can't we use it directly as a dpdt switch ??
nice one.<br>i plan to convert some PS2 controllers to use with my PC, this'll help a lot, since keyboards arent exactly analog.
nice instructable had one ? can you use it as an analog if you only pull it if so can you post the digram on how to wire it <br>
Aww.. I was expecting to see instructions on how to turn an analog joystick into one that communicates with the computer via a digital interface (by getting a cheap modern joystick and a well-built older one, perhaps). This might be better titled as &quot;Analog joystick to D-pad conversion&quot; to avoid that conversion. Otherwise, it's a nice simple hack if you want a simple directional control.

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