Scorpion Knex Gun




Introduction: Scorpion Knex Gun

This is my first instructable.

Many of you are are asking for a small and yet efficient gun.  I combined a few designs from other guns and composed this pistol.   Enjoy! 

If you want me to publish the instructions to this just ask.  Feel free to ask any questions.

Step 1: The Overall Gun

 The gun itself is composed off less than 100 pieces, and is extremely easy to mod by yourself.  I built it with the intention for others to have the ability to change it around as they desire.

Step 2: Barrel

THe ram rod in this gun is simply a gray/black rod.  It hits green rod bullets which are pushed up through a detachable magazine.

Sorry the picture is a little unclear.

Step 3: Magazine

It is very hard for this magazine to jam, which makes this design among one of my favorites.
Green rods are pushed up towards the white rods (which attach it to the gun).
You may have seen this design before.

Step 4: Trigger System

sorry it is hard to see.
This trigger intercepts the path of the ram rod, and in order to fire the bullet all you have to do is pull! (duh)

Step 5: Bullets



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    wow urs iz cool:D what u think of mine:

    *advertising w00h00*

    i didn't copy this

    looks more like a skorpion

    i know i should have changed the name... i planned on doing this


    Firstly, this does not look like a mini AK-47. Secondly this could have been done in a much cleaner fashion. The barrel does not work well for green rod shooters.
    go here to see the instructions!