Simple Antique Paper





Introduction: Simple Antique Paper

Simple antique/old paper from used tea.

Step 1: "Painting"

This is very simple. When you have finished steeping your tea, removed the bag and use it to "paint" the paper. I used very cheap "bond"/printer paper. The key is to cover the entire sheet. Lay the paper flat and allow to dry. I am using green tea (Sencha) here.

Step 2:

Loose tea can be used also but it is a bit more messy. After steeping. I poured the wet leaves on the page and spread them around. I found if I leave the tea leaves to dry on the page it creates nice, random spots.

Step 3:

Green and black tea can be combined. I found it interesting to use black tea to create spots and then "paint" with the Green tea. Creates a nice "aged" look.

Step 4:

Using various teas, time of exposure and repeating the process, it is easy to create a wide spectrum of colors. Please don't waste precious tea- enjoy it and after drinking get one more use from the leaves before disposing.



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I love the idea of using different kinds of tea. I think I will try some hibiscus flower! You can also crinkle the paper into a ball and then smooth it out before dying with tea to give it texture.


I have not thought about crinkling the paper. I hope to try it soon. Please share your results of the hibiscus, etc.

This is a really interesting idea! I'm sure that depending on the type of tea you paper smells nice afterwards as well. :)

Wow, I have been trying to find a way to do that and finally I found it!

Cool! I have to try it. Normally, I use coffee to aging paper but I think making it with tea will give it different tones and colors. Thanks for publishing it!