Simple Arc Reactor





Introduction: Simple Arc Reactor

For all those people who want an easy to make arc reactor, this is for you

Step 1: Circle

trace the bottom of your light onto the cardboard

Step 2: Inside the Inside Circle

now take a sharpie accent highlighter and trace the bottom of it on the tracing paper. flip it over. center it on the inside of the inside circle. tape it down. trace over the edges while pressing down hard. when you remove the tracing paper, a light outline should be there, just like in the last step.

Step 3: Drawing the Inside Circle

take your tracing paper and put it over your light. trace around the actual light with a pencil so you get a circle. flip your tracing paper over so the side you drew on is face down on the cardboard. then align that circle you just drew on the tracing paper with the circle on the cardboard( you could measure but im lazy) until it looks centered. tape it down. then with a pencil press down hard on the tracing paper then scribble scrabble around the circle. but before you do this make sure the circle you drew is on the opposite side ur drawing on, because if it isn't, it wont work. on the pic ignore the lines in the middle and the circle in the middle for now.

Step 4: Lines and Inside

inside that circle we just drew, make another circle any size you want. it just has to be smaller than that circle. draw a dot on the center. take your protractor, and expecting you know how to use it correctly, make a 36 degree line. keep on doing this until you have them all the way around, there should be 10. then darken them up and male them a little wider like in the third pic.if you look closely, you can see i scribbled in lightly with pencil in some spots. do that too. it will tell you what not to cut out.

Step 5: Cut It Out

tittle is self explanitory. just make sure you dont cut out what you need

Step 6: Final Touches

after you cut it out make a small rip on the outside, this will stop it from bending when you tape it. tape it to the light. i would try to get the three lights covered, i found it looked better. tape or glue some string to the back if you want a necklace. i know his isnt the best instructable but it's my first so give me a break k? i am working on a second version, i'll tell you ow it goes. please rate and give comments, i want info on what you think



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    that was the coolest and cheapest arc reactor ever dude. Thanks I'm going to try that.

    This is so simple. I like it better than the 2nd version. I'm going to make this!

    7 replies

    thanks! i like both, but its you're choice! im just glad i could help.

    Actually I did the first and it turned out great. THANK YOU!

    Your Welcome! may I ask what you are using it for?

    Is it okay if I do an Instructable on something that uses the same idea but a few mods from the second reactor

    i guess there are already a ton of arc reactors out there, but i suggest you look at all of them and make sure no one already did your idea.

    Just a fun project. Nothing really. P.S. Even though I am good at electronics, I really like these two designs

    I think I will build them both. Great job!

    so what do you guys think? im only 13 and i did this quickly. and its my first instructable. but be honest. did u like it? and btw i'm working on a new version. ill post it soon

    4 replies

    Never woulda guessed you were thirteen. I'm thirteen too, and people mistake me as a grade 6. :S

    i'm 14 and in high school and i'm called a fifth grader... but those are just the morons who hate me.

    hi, im liking your idea of producing the lighting effect through the shirt, instead of a complete replica. Few pointers, it needs to be a litte bigger, and u need to wear it a little lower. And also, cram as many leds in as possible. Also ignore all the commenters who like to blah on about how this has been done b4.

    yea at the time i took the pic, i didn't have the string on it to make the necklace. but you can put it anywhere you want. also im working on a new design that makes it bigger and looks a hole lot cooler. and if u like this please help me win the light contest. i've never won anything before!!!!!!

    1 reply

    this is cool i just don't like the idea of using cardboard but it is short sweet and to the point. nice keep up the good work

    doooooood this rocked! so does ur second one!!!!!!!!!!

    Nicely done, and an excellent understanding of "if it doesn't show it doesn't matter what it looks like"!