Introduction: Simple Arduino Car Using HC-06 Bluetooth Module

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The easiest way to build an Arduino car and control it with your android device.

Step 1: Things Required:

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  • Laptop with Arduino software.
  • Any Arduino. (I am using Leonardo).
  • Two DC motors with tires attached firmly.
  • An acrylic or plastic piece for the base. (A strong piece of cardboard will do the required work).
  • Shield (optional).
  • Any motor driver. ( I am using L9110)
  • Castor.
  • Bluetooth module HC-06
  • Bluetooth enabled android phone.
  • Power bank or a battery pack to power Arduino.
  • Few Jumper wires.
  • Any strong adhesive (I am using hot glue)

Step 2: Mounting the Components.

Picture of Mounting the Components.
  • Mount the DC motors and the castor on the base.
  • Mount all other components positioned correctly.

Step 3: Connections

Bluetooth Module HC-06:

TX to Pin 10 (of arduino)

RXto Pin 11



Motor Driver To Motors (left and right):

A1 to Left Motor -ve

B1 to Left Motor +ve

A2 to Right Motor -ve

B2 to Right Motor +ve

Motor Driver to Arduino:

VCC to 5V


B1 to Pin 5

A1 to Pin 9

B2 to Pin 6

A2 to Pin 3

Step 4: Setting Up Your Android Device.

Download: Arduino Bluetooth Control from playstore.


Install it.

Turn on your smartphone's bluetooth and then pair it with the bluetooth module (HC-06). Password: 0000 OR 1234.

Open the app, then select HC-06. Wait until it shows "connected".

Go to settings, then select Keys configuration.

Configure the following commands:

UP = 1

DOWN = 2


LEFT = 4

Select arrow keys and control your car.



DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-05-30

Nice! I love the fact that you used an Arduino to control the car because it makes it possible to program in pre-set directions and make a smart car.

Thank you !

I appreciate it.

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