Picture of Simple Balloon Prank
This prank is simple, but effective.
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Step 1: You Need...

Picture of You Need...
All you need for this easy prank is
-a balloon (the screaming kind work best)
-a clothespin
-a couch or chair that your selected victim sits in

Step 2: Inflate the Balloon

Picture of Inflate the Balloon
This very self explanatory.

After the balloon is inflated, use the clothespin to hold the air in.

Step 3: Set the Trap

Picture of Set the Trap
The selected couch or chair must have cushions and preferably a skirt to hide the balloon.

Simply place the clothespin under the cushion so it will open and release the balloon when weight is put on it as your victim sits down.

Mine wasn't completely hidden, but it didn't matter because my unofficial and unaware prank tester didn't notice until the balloon went screaming across the room. It was quite amusing.