Being in the tropics has blessed me with easy and cheap access to various kinds and sizes of bamboo's which we can makes great stuff from.

Bamboos are a family of grass that have been loved for their fast-growing and many believed to be a sustainable solution for construction structure or support material, architectural element, support columns, flooring materials, fence, various utensils (salad/frying tongs, for example - another I'ble I just published) and they're even making T-shirts out of bamboo fiber.
They come in many different species and sub-species which gives us plenty of options in size, pattern and color. (See pic in next step)

The only downside to bamboo is that they are also loved by a certain termites that lives in these area too..
I'm pretty sure that those termites also think of bamboo as a sustainable food source! :)
And boy, those termites are very hungry around here..
Anyways, there are several alternatives to prevent them from being eaten, I found a local place where they treat the bamboos with FreeMite, which is claimed to be organic, non-toxic and long lasting (http://www.freemite.com/).


Enough intro on Bamboo, now here is what I made with some big bamboos (14cm diameter): Lamp shades for our new home.

We have wall-lights and also hanging lights in every room. I needed shades for all of the wall-lights (4 of 'em) and two of the hanging lights in the kitchen and above the dining table. 

All 6 shades were made in less than 5 lazy hours and for less than US$ 6. 

- Even it's a simple project, if you want to try this at home, it's at your own risk. Use safety equipment and think safe.
- Take extra caution to the fresh cut bamboo edges, they can be literally razor-sharp!! 
- This project and the house in the pictures is in a place where there's no real code for building nor construction (Yes!!!). You are responsible for your own projects and the regulations (if any) that must be followed. 
- For imperial measurement users, sorry guys, I'm metric... But accuracy is not a necessity in this project, you're allowed to be artistic here...
- English is not my first language. Any suggesting, correction, and critics for the language and the project will be very welcome.
- Making stuff might be addictive, you've been warned!

Check what the Green School in Bali did with Bamboo:
For more, go to:  http://www.greenschool.org/gallery/   (scroll down to "Architectural Gallery")
Akin Yildiz made it!8 months ago

this is really cool sir, check out my project !!

londobali (author)  Akin Yildiz8 months ago
This is epic!
Thanks for commenting and sharing your idea.. :)