Picture of Simple Beanie
This project is extremely easy, and will keep your head nice and warm. Shouldn't take more then 20 minutes, and would make an awesome gift!...or use it to cover up a not yet loved new haircut.

This is a SUPER easy project, so I've written really loose instructions intentionally. You don't have to do it in one specific way, but really anyway that works. Be creative with this! Make it your own and go back to school with an original and stylish hat!
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Step 1: Supplies & Tools

Picture of Supplies & Tools

You can use just about any type of fabric. Fleece, wool, or even knit. Even easier, use some scrap like an old T-Shirt or Hoodie. I'm using an old blank t-shirt.

Anything can be used really. Anything you can tie a not in, and will hold up to a beating. I'm using some glow in the dark polypropelene rope. (Cut using Tim Andersons handy trick for stright melted cuts.)


The old standard.

Sewing Machine / Needle
You can use a machine, or do this by hand. I assume you can determine the pros and cons of each. I went with sewing by hand, as I'm not to confident with my skills to set up my mothers sewing machine.

Step 2: Measure Your Head

Picture of Measure Your Head
Take your fabric, and wrap it around your head. Mark off where it feels nice and snug. Keep in mind the type of fabric you used: if your using fleece, it will stretch, so go tight. However, if your using canvas, go just right.

Step 3: Cut The Fabric

Picture of Cut The Fabric
Using your mark from last step, cut your fabric. You should have a big, long piece of fabric, that when wrapped, fits snug on your head.

Step 4: Sew It Up

Picture of Sew It Up
Easy enough; roll over the fabric to your mark, and sew it straight up! After you've got it sewn up, reverse it, so the threading is on the inside. (if you would like to, of course.)

Step 5: Try it on; adjust it.

Picture of Try it on; adjust it.
Now you can slip this tube of fabric on your head. Plop it on, and roll up the edges (if you would like to) and adjust everything to make it fit just right; You are in fact making this yourself, make sure it fits you perfectly!
Lyndamo2 years ago
super simple and useful I have carried fruit in my hat more than once. Pretty leaves in Fall, seashells and rocks at the beach... you rock this tute.