After the success of Simple Beer #1, I had to try again, didn't I?

Having taken feedback from friends and random strangers online, I made a few time-saving and flavour-changing adjustments to the procedure, tweaked the recipe (quite significantly), and here is the result.

Officially, this is Simple Beer #2, but, like any good sequel, it needs a subtitle. Since the actual brew day was 23rd November, 2013, the official 50th Anniversary of the first broadcast of Doctor Who*, I've called this batch "Doctor's Day".

(*Day of the Doctor)

Step 1: Equipment and Recipe

First, refer back to the Simple Beer #1 equipment list, but I also made a filter-holder to make life easier, and stuck a magnetic write on/wipe off sheet to the hood over the stove to keep track of volumes.

I also used two saucepans at once - one 3 litres, one five litres

The recipe I used this time was significantly different:

You can buy all you need online, but I prefer to use local businesses to keep money in the local economy. I've found a supplier called You Can Brew It in Diss, Norfolk. Not a huge range of malts, but enough to experiment for months, and it's easy for me to get to, and they have all the equipment you could possibly need. They also cater for cider and wine making from kits or raw materials.

In the UK, brewing materials are often stocked by "health food shops", although they often restrict their ingredients to pre-packed kits.

Ive seen both of your beer Instructables and I was wondering if you had made any more. I played around with brewing a long time ago, planning to get back to it, Raising my own barley and hops, experimenting with a 200 year old small beer recipe, just because it looks fun. I like stouts and ales and the beers I brewed successfully before were canned kits. I'd like to go all grain, but my first few batches will be to try some things from my farmer almanac and some gallon batches to use the kits I received for Christmas. enjoy your Instructables.
<p>Thanks for the kind words - I'm very easily distracted by new ideas for instructables, so I've only made one batch of beer since this one.</p><p>I may brew more in the Summer break, when time isn't so tight (I teach).</p>
Looks great.
<p>Thank you!</p>
I just looked at beer # 1 now I see how you carbonated it :) looks like a fun project !
It is. I predict #3 will be close to perfection.
Wilkos in Norwich does cheap homebrew stuff - they do half price sales as well!
Do they do ingredients, or kits?
If you are looking for more hoppiness to a beer, you have two choices: <br>1) Add more hops at the final boil - more of a hoppy flavor without serious bittering. <br>2) Use hops with a higher alpha acid content (Magnums will knock your socks off). <br>3) Dry hop - My personal favorite and it should be done with really aromatic hops like Amarillo (my choice hop) or Citras depending on what flavor you are going for.
I'm really good at counting, I meant three.
Having not heard of that I looked it up. DME and spray dried malt are the same thing, just achieved through different processes (boiled vs aerosolized and baked). The Amber color still comes from darker malts.
Carbonation ? If flat?
After rereading I figured out you were using dried malt extract (DME). DME is wort that has been boiled down until all of the water is gone. The Amber extract you use is actually a combination of standard 2 or 6 row malt and then an unknown amount of crystal or Amber malt. Because of this you have a lot less control over the end flavor profile. I'd recommend using light malt extract and then adding darker grains. This will require very little extra work and will give you much better flavor and aroma. Good luck in the future and keep brewing!
Actually, it's spray-dried malt, and the Amber colour is the degree of toasting it has had.
Charlie Pappazian would be proud! (wrote an excellent text on home brewing and founder of the Great American Brew Fest)
Thank you! <br>
Voting! Very nice
If I ever was going to ever drink alcohol once I was of age, I would brew this stuff. The Doctor's Brew is theoretically the brew for me; that, and it seems like you know what you're doing. Nice job; I shall vote for this one and the first edition in both contests. :p <br> <br>Hail to mathematica, for it requests you partake in more liquor!
Haha, thank you.

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