This is a very simple gun that you can make out of Bic mechanical pencils. Its a little different from
beam's mechanical pencil gun and black hole fun's. We used to make these all the time in middle school and shoot each other in class. Just thought I'd bring some old school fun back to the adult world.

Also there's one of my favorite stingers if you really want to inflict damage.

I feel I should also put a disclaimer: I'm not responsible for any damage or injury caused by this. Please do not shoot people in the face. What you do with this is on you.

Step 1: Get Things Together

Alright you'll need:

1 Bic mechanical pencil
1 rubber band, preferably smaller than the one I got.
Knife and/or scissors perhaps pliers.
<p>Do we have to use a bic brand mechanical pencil?</p>
<p>I had to modify mine a bit. The lead tube was a little too thick, to fit in reverse as you showed, so I put it in the original way instead. It can shoot ball bearings (but airsoft pellets are too big) and matchsticks. It's pretty powerful, and can perform just as good as a low-end airsoft gun. </p>
Great idea I can shoot bbs at my friend now with out him figuring out what happened
My reply isn't working but to the 4 officers kid, mine does too. But the kids at my school bring guns and knifes and fireworks all the time so I'm grateful. Plus, one officer is in a band (cool), and he let me ride in his cop car (cool except I had to ride in back.. So little legroom)
I need one of these. Paper wasps are nice, but horribly inaccurate.
Use paper clips... :D
i made a bunch and brought them to school i didn't intend to sell them just play with em but by the end of the day i had 10 dollars and there soooo easy to make i guess the people at my school are just really stupid<br />
++ points for being an entrepreneur. <br>- - - points for being an evil illegal arms dealer! <br>:-)
lol <br>+ points for being an entrepreneur. <br>++++++++++++ points for being an evil illegal arms dealer! <br>xD
+ points for being a entreprenuer<br><br>+++ points for being a evil illegal arms dealer<br><br>++++++++++ for not getting caught!
UGH! thats disgusting!!! lol nice
ya its fun but i got suspended from school for a week and one more i will get kicked out:(
i wont even try this at school we have 4, yes 4, police officers for 3 grades of a rural school!!!! by the way dose any body else think that is stupid
aw that suck az
<br> it's really really cool. I love it and I'm gonna try to make this one right now and get ready for war :D<br>
how do u shoot it ??????
lol so you tell them ill just get to the point if you guys are having a arguement
Ok first thing you might not want to make this at school and use metal bbs for ammo lol figured that out the hard way (princable office) sorry spelt that bad but who cares and if you do I'm sorry okkk ga
I shot my foot! :(<br>But great classroom weapon! :)
I have recenntly made this gun, however, because the ramrod is sticking out slightly, you can put it up to someone's soulder and fire it! (without the ammo), using the right type of rubber band, it really hurts
nice, long range and melee, 2 in 1!
put a little bit of duct tape around the edge of the end of the tube(on the opposite side of the barrel) and it will make it a little quieter and better for a classroom :P
or you could use some foam that you could glue on.
I'll try that, but won't it clog up the barrel?<br />
lol. thats true! ill have to use that in math....
freaking awesome!
optional:1 : use a pen barrel 2: use a copper bb 3: for the pen barrel use a plastic bb p.s. not trying to be mean just an option
i shaved my gun too much and it snapped :( <br> WASTE
i cant find a pencel like that <br>
how do u shoot the stinger plz tell me<br />
&nbsp;GRATZ! i finally found a way to get back at my teacher without getting caught! kudos to you my friend!
<strong>I'm going to do this in spanish class this will be fun !!!!</strong><br />
Note to self: use EXACT same type of pencil as in pics. <br /> I used a matic grip one and the long part wont fit down the barrel even with a lot of shaving<br />
You can put a little cut into the top of the clip at a slanted angle so it holds the rubber band in better. Worked for me.<br />
<p>Also, you can put a cut in the erasor and wedge the rubber band in it</p>
I like the idea for the Pointy Ammo.
cool instructabe
dam that hurts bad
-makes one- mmm..thanx dude!! :D
my brother shot me with his one of these and got grounded for cutting my arm lol
i use bbs that i find in the street lol it hurts too
I did this right here in class, and got my rubber band and scissors from the teacher. This is awesome, great instructable!
wow i didnt think this would work but it did!
Very good weapon but i like the 1 by beam just because of the eraser part it gives it more power not much but enough to penetrate a lil more. Very good though this was my first try at this weapon when i built it my eraser broke i wasnt using thick enough rubber band. lol
Dude, great 'ible. Very good lay out, easy to read, plenty of pictures, but, most importantly, the step-by-step process is very user-friendly. Five stars. BTW, I got hit in the neck with one of your staple-bullet-things, and it HURT! I did bleed a bit once I pulled out the bullet. It's okay. I caught up with the kid who shot me. I don't think he'll be shooting these things at me anymore. In conclusion, I wrote up this disclaimer for the staple-bullets. STAPLE-AMMO DISCLAIMER: etsay2 claims no responsibility for injuries to the shootee (Guy you shot at) or retaliation from the shootee (such as wedgies, Melvins, spitballs, etc.) USE AT YOUR OWN RISK
ahaha. sorry you got hit bugmenot. thanks for the disclaimer.
u should staple it twice, so that a staple is sticking out both sides of the paper. that way it makes it twice as likely that the stable will hit who or what ur shooting at ;)
this is awesome!!!! firing small knex rods works quite well. and larger pieces of cat litter. don't ask......

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