How to make a bike pannier out of a rice bag.

Step 1: Get Your Materials

What's needed:
A rice bag, or other bag
Metal pieces
Zip ties

Pliers (needle nose)
A mandrel about the diameter of your bike rack frame (this can be anything that you can bend metal around)

Thanks for the idea. I had a couple of empty rice bags taking up space and now I don't. Ride safe and be well.
I like too much your idea. Congrats.
very simple in hoping to build something like this but more permenant (im 13 and cycle a bmx so theres not much stuff for it So i have to make my own racks and stuff so far i have some stuff done for it like a wooden rear rack
Yes. The frame keeps it out quite nicely. I just hauled some milk, cereal, pickles, and some other stuff back from the local Wegmans. Nice that it came in as a shopping bag with me!
Simple and effective! The frame keeps it out of the rear wheel I guess? L

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Bio: I'm a physicist with a bunch of engineering experience, who likes to make stuff, and likes to get outdoors.
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