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I recently redid my bedroom in a nature theme and wanted to incorporate birch somehow.  I went and cut down some small birch trees on a friends property and used the limbs to make this shelf.  I bought cheap pine board at Home Depot and had them cut the boards to length for me because I only have a small chop saw.  I stained the boards with a "walnut" Minwax stain and then varnished them.  I cut the limbs to length by hand and with the chop saw depending on the "twistiness" of the branch.  I tried to incorporate a branch with some character (the fork with lichen).  I pre-drilled holes in the boards and limb pieces to make screwing it together easier (it was impossible otherwise as I did it without a cordless drill).  The ends of my limbs were not cut perfectly parallel so there is a bit of gapping.  The limbs have dried a bit too.  I mounted it to the wall with L-shaped brackets.


craftclarity (author)2014-04-03

Love it.

I love that you used the fork for one of the branches, it adds just the right amount of whimsy :)

Ringer1515 (author)2014-04-02

Cool shelf thinking about making one... Great job

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