Step 3: Putting it Together

Picture of Putting it Together
Hammer the panel pins into the sides so they just come through the other side. This makes things a lot easier when you put the box together. Use a PVA based wood glue to give extra strength. Put a thin bead of glue along the edge just before you hammer the nails home.

First, attach one of the sides to the back-piece, and then fit the base. Turn the box over as you're doing this, so you're always hammering into the piece against the workbench. Then put on the front of the box, not forgetting the bead of glue on the edges.
Now more glue, and carefully line up the other side and press down. The protruding nails will keep it aligned. Hammer the pins home. You'll need to put a few more panel pins through the front and back-piece into the base.