Simple Bluetooth Controlled Car





Introduction: Simple Bluetooth Controlled Car

It is a simple Bluetooth controlled car.

It is easy to make using arduino and bluetooth module hc-05.

Hope you like to make it.

Step 1: Components Needed

1. Arduino Atmega8 or any board

2. Batteries

3. Battery clips

4. Breadboard

5. Motor Driver

6. Bluetooth HC-05

7. 2DC Motors & Chassis

8. Wheels

9. Connectors

10. Buzzer

11. LED's

12. Cable

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Connect The Components As given in circuit diagram above.

Its Easy to Build.

Step 3: Uploading Sketch to Board

Step 4: Android Application

Install The Android application.First Pair your bluetooth module

Enter Passcode for bluetooth hc-05 is '1234'..

You can also make your own App using MIT Appinventor

Connect And Enjoy!!!

Step 5: Video



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    but how to connect motor driver l293d chip with arduino
    please help im making it


    see the image make +5v & +12v common and connect 9v battery, make ground common of Arduino and l293d ic.


    then why you used two 9v batterys?

    one for arduino and other for driving two dc motors from l293d

    yeah i almost forgot about it

    well thank you my friend i think i will finish it soon

    See the circuit diagram, ic used is l293d.

    How can i connect l293d motor driver shield with arduino.Codes will work in arduino atmega 328?

    yes code will work on atmega 328