My toddler daughter loves books but she's still working on how to take care of them. Like most little ones will do at some point, the other night she dismantled her favorite book. Luckily I got to it before she really pulled it apart and managed to find the cardboard spine avoiding the need to make a new one. 

It isn't rocket science and I'll be up front in saying that this project is probably more about using the right(purpose made) materials than any clever technique. 

Step 1: The Stuff

You can repair books with gaffer's tape, packing tape, white glue and denim, whatever but if you want your repair to look like a "book" you'll need book binding cloth and PVA glue. 

You can order those online or find them at most any scrap-booking store. 

The PVA glue is designed to bond paper like no other glue I have ever encountered and book binders cloth is designed to take a lot of abuse from handling and bending as well as having a paper backing that lends itself to working with PVA. 

You'll also need a broken book to repair. I'll leave that up to you. 
Nicely done. I wish I had thought of this a year or so ago when our son was in the habit of "loving" his books a little too hard. Great idea!!
Thanks, <br><br>I ended up repairing several books this way. It's not really an appropriate method for something valuable but for kids books, it's quick durable and looks a lot better than ratty, falling apart books with no covers.
hi cans you makes a youtube video of you reading this aminal book? to me tanks.
Only if you promise to close your eyes and go to sleep right after you watch it.
you're not my real dad.

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