With little more than a single peice of acrylic and a heat gun, you can make really simple L-bracket bookends. Throw an awesome Epilog laser cutter and a vector image of a flock of birds into the mix and you have highly stylish and sleek, set of bookends. The best part about this method is that in less than an hour and for next to nothing, you can get a spectacular set of bookends that would make a nice addition to any home.

The birds used to make the flock graphic were illustrated by the amazing Winnie Tom.

Step 1: Go Get Stuff

You will need:

A 12 x 24 sheet of acrylic
An awesome Epilog Laser Cutter
A flat metal bar
A heat resistant work table
Two clamps
A heat gun

I don't want any comments from the peanut gallery about not having a laser cutter! There are many service that will take the file I provide and cut it for you at a minimal fee. Ponoko is one such service. If you really want to do this, create an account with them and send them this file.
This is great, have you considered sharing the file? <br>It could also be cut on a scroll saw, it would take long but just as effective.
I love this, But without a laser cutter, far from simple
I think I'll try this. I work at a waterjet company, so I have the tools :) Thanks randofo!
Great work, i love the design you used. Shame it reminds me of the following disheartening equation;<br/><br/>This project - Laser cutter = Not simple.<br/>
Indeed - having laser cutter is not simple.
Let's just hope that that equation is not: <br/><br/>The recent Randofo projects + Laser cutter = bragging rights. <br/><br/><strong>;</strong>-) <br/>

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