Just like a bull, a bronco, and a ninja, Buck has a lot of kick. With spring-loaded feet, this noisy little bot does a lot of stomping about. Everywhere Buck goes, commotion ensues. This keeps people on their toes, which is a good attribute for any bot to have.

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Step 1: Go get stuff

You will need:

(x1) continuous rotation servo modified for direct drive**
(x1) 4" x 3" x 2" plastic container
(x1) 4 X AA battery holder
(x1) 5" cylindrical metal drawer pull (with two arms)
(x1) 8-32 x 2" bolt
(x3) 8-32 nut
(x2) 4-40 x 3/4" bolt
(x4) 4-40 nuts
(x2) 1/8" (inner diameter) x 1/2" plastic spacer
(x1) 3/4" to 1" extension spring
(x2) 4-40 x 1/4" nuts and bolts
(x1) Assorted zip ties

**Modify your servos for direct drive here
<p>Maybe this is a silly question, but why go through all this trouble modifying a servo- to basically just make it a motor? Why not just use a DC motor? </p>
Or has that already been claimed
I love your bots your truly the father of simple bots<br/>
You should try some Sugru or rubber at the bottom for slightly more grip...
Where can I get those white plastic spacers? Thanks.
I got it at Ace Hardware.
I've always been a fan of your pics. But I see a slight fault for the first time. Your 'Go get stuff' image is a bit blurry (easier to pick faults than to do better I guess :-). But still AMAZING photography... <br> <br>This bot reminds me of bull riding. A cool mod will be to make a bull shaped body with a cowboy on it :D
Cool! <br>
you need to make one out of lead and turn it on when you leave for work in the morning.
The filming for this video resulted in some stopping from upstairs.
Your project photography is incredible
I love it! One day, I have to build one of your amazing simple bots!

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