There are so many Simple Bots that sweep and scrub, that I felt it only appropriate to make one that picks up after them. Scoop does just that. It pushes itself around and systematically scoops up whatever lies in its path. Well... maybe "systematically" is too strong of a word to use in describing it, but it definitely gets an A+ for effort. If there is one thing that Scoop Bot wants to do more than anything else in this world, that is scoop. There is not a man, woman, ice cream server, or investigative journalist alive, quite as dedicated to scooping.

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Step 1: Go Get Stuff

You will need:

(x2) continuous rotation servo modified for direct drive**
(x1) 3 x AA battery holder
(x1) dust pan
(x1) 12" aluminum ruler
(x2) casters
(x10) 4-40 x 3/8" nuts and bolts
(x8) 10-24 x 3/4" nuts and bolts
(x8) rubber feet
(x1) assorted zip ties

**Modify your servos for direct drive here
That's so cute! But it doesn't really look like it cleans anything...
<p>It's imaging ...</p><p>But from Where I get ROTATION SERVO &amp; CASTERS ????</p><p>Please Reply in my mail box (<a href="mailto:amankumar.nalanda@gmail.com" rel="nofollow">amankumar.nalanda@gmail.com</a>) </p><p>I want to prepare that one on science fair ....</p>
<p>Walk the dog and scoop :P</p>
<p>I am trying to make one like this that has a built in algorithim so it can actually scoop up garbage.</p>
How do you program it? I didn't see anything for that purpose
No programming involved.
You could add a PING)) ultrasonic sensor so that it can automatically scoop without bumping and breaking stuff.
You should do a video instructable on your &quot;studio&quot; where you make these instructables. Your pictures are always really good with that white background.
OH MY GOD! <br>this is the best cleaner robot for all :-) <br>LOL <br>i think you are so lazy. is it true? ;-) <br> <br>. <br>. <br>. <br>. <br>but this is very good..
Great idea!!!
Simple yet effective... well done!
Amazing design! Great job! It's fun to look at :-) Maybe I just build one for fun :D :D
If you do, please post a comment!
Awesome project! I was so inspired by this project that I bought your book on iBooks. Can't wait for it to finish downloading!
Thanks! Let me know how it works out for you.
Awesome as always!!!! :-)
Nice and clever design, Randy.
For more money you could add an ultrasonic range finder and an uno and that would be more efficient? Or program it to follow a specified course, but that would be about $70 more?
Nice thing! <br>What tool did you use to create the video?
Quicktime Pro and Photoshop. Its not ideal but gets the job done.
Beautiful presentation! Dare I say... elegant. OK it's not something I plan to use, but the concepts can be useful for other stuff. I look forward to seeing your other work. Thank you for posting what looks like the cleanest presentation I've seen on the whole site. Keep up your good work!
Great! <br> <br>For a moment I was a fraid this was actually going to be a practical and usefull bot, which would kind of ruin the fun for me ;-). <br> <br>Great project and great Ible!
This is the cleanest instructable i have seen, very nice!

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