Step 7: Vibrating motors

Turn your fans into vibrating motors by cutting off some of the fan blades.

You should try to avoid making them evenly symmetrical by cutting off the fan blades in a different pattern on each fan. This will give it a little bit more of a unique mobility.
<p>i made it for a science project</p>
I'm having trouble finding &quot;scrubber brushes&quot; that aren't like to big can you tell me where you got yours?
<p>I got mine from bunnings hardware</p>
<p>I got mine from bunnings hardware</p>
<p>hi, awesome bot, i was making it for my science talent search for school and couldn't fine the adjustable supports on the online ace hardware! I need something by the 18th of May Australian time, so just wondering if anyone had anything i could use instead of the adjustable tracks or something simple to make in that time! Thanks </p>
<p>can the adjustable tracks be replaced by something else?</p>
<p>i dont get this</p>
<p>somebody help me</p>
<p>it took a while but i did it</p>
<p>would it be better if i add another Frisbee on top to cover up the fan just in case of emergencies and id so how would i add it on.</p>
<p>it was awesome</p>
<p>How much volt on your Computer fan?</p>
is there another name for the adjustable tracks?<br>or any substitute ?<br>cause i've been to ace hardware and they dont even know what that thing is.<br>it's really hard to find it here in philippines.
It is called an adjustable support. They are use for things like holding up chest lids that pivot upwards or window panes.<br /> <br /> It appears to have Ace part #5300421<br /> <br /> Here is a photo.<br />
<p>How much is this?</p>
thanks a lot!
<p>Except for the frisbee what other can i use?</p>
<p>where can i buy frisbee and adjustable tracks help for my science project i'm in the Philippines? </p>
hey brother where will i get adjustable tracks
I got mine from Ace Hardware. They are used for windows to allow them to open a little and lock in place.
<p>I did not find it in Ace Hardware.</p>
the reason it will not move is because 1.there maybe too much friction between the surface and the brushes. 2.the air flow through the fans are not configured correctly. try using some stability for it -- and reorient the fans
http://www.flickr.com/photos/58556129@N04/8698474814/ <br>
I just finished mine, and it doesn't move too much. I've loosened the slider tracks, tightened them, repositioned the brushes a few different ways, but nothing I try will produce movement more than a couple inches, at most. Nothing at all like the video posted here. Any suggestions?
http://www.flickr.com/photos/58556129@N04/8698474814/ <br>
Try bending the bristles back, or trimming them on a slope so the front bristles are slightly shorter than the back ones.
We had made the scrubber as a model for our science project.....<br>I just wanna know all about scrubber to defend our model like why does it moves or turns ,etc...<br>Plssssss. I need your help!
Also, post a picture of your bot so we all can see!
What about it do you think makes it move and turn? What do you think would happen if you had not broken off the fan blades?
i don't have a adjustable track...wat else can i use instead of the tracks?
i don't have a adjustable track...wat else can i use instead of the tracks?
can i use a vibrator motors found in mobile phones
Those are much too small. Try some of the motors inside of motorized back massagers.
instead of cutting the blades of the fan placing them adjacently and connecting them with opposite polarity will make them rotate..Any improvements in this???
You can't easily reverse the polarity on computer fans. They are not designed to be reversible.
Instead of adjustable lid supports, can I use anything else<br>
Yes! Improvise. See what works for you. There is no right answer. I just went with what seemed to work at the time.
Here's my bot. This one doesn't move much at all. Any ideas why?
Nope. No clue why. Maybe the screws aren't holding it firmly enough to the frisbee and the vibrations are not being translated down into the brushes? It is hard to say. It appears to be built correctly.
what happens if you only use one fan instead of two fans?
Two fans create competing vibration patterns. It will still work with one fan, there will just be less of a dynamic vibration/motion.
Nice Thing but can I use 1 Computer Fan ?
Those adjustable supports can be found on google by looking up &quot;adjustable lid supports&quot;. They are mainly used for storage trunks and things like jewelry box lids.
How long does the battery last? Seems like a big draw on a little battery.
I don't know. I haven't replaced the battery yet. So, at very least, an hour.

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