Picture of Simple Bots: Walker
My goal with Walker Bot was to make a 4-legged walking bot that could be made in ten minutes. This bot ultimately took me three hours to make. That said, my goal wasn't to make one in ten minutes, but to make one that could be made in ten minutes. I am pretty confident that now that I know what I am doing, should I need to make a second one, I could do it in ten minutes. At the very least, you will be hard-pressed to make a simpler walking bot than this one. I would consider this project a glowing success.

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Step 1: Go get stuff

Picture of Go get stuff
You will need:

(x2) servos modified for direct drive**
(x1) telephone handset
(x1) 4 x AA battery holder
(x1) DPDT lever switch
(x2) CDs
(x2) 6" bolts
(x2) 5" bolts
(x4) bolts
(x4) bolt covers
(x2) thin 1" nut and bolt
(x1) a couple dozen assorted zip ties
(x1) print template (download below)

**Modify your servos for direct drive here
WalkerPrint.eps(342x702) 268 KB

Step 2: Open it up

Picture of Open it up
Remove the covers from the telephone handset and pull out the speaker, microphone and jack. These should come right out.

Step 3: Drill

Picture of Drill
Drill 4 holes in each end of the telephone handset as pictured.

Essentially, you should drill the holes in such a way that they create a square on the backside of each opening.

Step 4: The first motor

Picture of The first motor
Starting on the side of the handset opposite where the jack was, pass the motor's wires through the body of the phone and out the hole created by removing the jack.

Insert the first motor into the handset opening that is on the opposite side of the jack, in such a way that the horn is facing inwards.

(The horn is the gear-like object attached to the servo shaft)

Step 5: The second motor

Picture of The second motor
Pass the second motor's wires through the hole created by the jack and insert that motor into the end of the handset. Make certain that the horn for this motor is also facing inwards, as well.

Zip tie them both in place using the holes that you have drilled in Step 3.
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misbah253 months ago

i have a 3 pin dpdt lever switch there any way i can use it ???

misbah253 months ago

my dpdt lever swich has only 3 pins instead of 6 like yours ? is there any way i can still use it ? im doing this for my school project and im in a hurry....pls reply asap

M.C. Langer made it!6 months ago

I never post the "I made it" of this bot. I love so much this project!

robobot31127 months ago

what sets of the dpdt?

hey admin how did u do the servos for direct drive can u explain me properly i can't understand the way wat u said?!

Graut1 year ago
Nice Robot, but I have a question regarding the servos motor.
I have modified it like said in the walkthrough, but my motor goes just one way, it doesn't go forth and back like it should? I haven't used a DPDT switch, because it is damn hard to find, so have just used a regular switch, is this the problem? I can get 2 SPDT switch, so maybe I have to try that...
Thanks in advance
Graut Graut1 year ago
I have now tried the 2 SPDT switches, and gotten the motor to go back and forth...but I have to press the switch every time I want to switch the way the motor goes. In the video the motor goes back and forth without pressing the switch, is that because of the switch I have used or have I done some other thing wrong?
mArtiAnOk2 years ago
does the CD toggles the lever switch?
randofo (author)  mArtiAnOk2 years ago
jvega72 years ago
thank you for join it, now i am motivated for build it..
mahsa arian2 years ago
its so amazing
i follow your great idea. thanks for share it :-)
rohit0074 years ago
awesome man...!! really..wrked..nd dat too on my first try..thnx..i ll remeber dis bot....forever !!
hey ! its shivam from delhi and i am also trying to make this one........but i cant find the servo motors as well as the DPDT lever switch........can u tell me from where did you find it?????????
i got one from an old rc toy. hope this helps and goodluck!
You will find servo's on ebay fairly regularly now - but old RC toys are also a good source.
chaitanyak2 years ago
elegant mechanism :)
I'm a bit confused. So because it's a DPDT switch wired to run backwards also, you don't use the switch to turn it off but to reverse the motion? Would the only way to turn it off be to take the batteries out?
randofo (author)  superstatic272 years ago
Yes. The only way to turn it off is to remove the batteries.

The DPDT switch reverses the polarity of the power going to the motor. When the polarity is oriented one way (+ to -) the motor spins in one direction. When it is reversed (- to +) the motor spins in an opposite direction. The bot is basically changing its own motor direction.
mraghib2 years ago
Nice & innovative idea!Can you please tell me can we use toy motors instead of servos as they are expensive! Thank You!
randofo (author)  mraghib2 years ago
Yes. Just get 2 identical geared motors.
mraghib randofo2 years ago
Is a toy motor and gear motor the same? Sorry I'm new to robotics!
SCIENCEPAL3 years ago
Nice work dude! Its pretty cool!
mistu993 years ago
can u reply quickly because i need 4 Wednesday
mistu993 years ago
can i use a motor to replace the servo because in uae i can't find it
jualone3 years ago
very weel
sofsof3 years ago
that is so cooooooooooooooooool
i like it very muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch
Continue giving us more instructables...........
randofo (author)  anubhavtalukdar0073 years ago
Soon. Very soon.
ptrinidad3 years ago
very good man!!!
sajee4 years ago
my servo has 3 wires and how can i convert them into 2 wires like seen in the pictures
robotics_sk4 years ago
hi, does it matter if instead of a standard servo we used a continuos rotation one?
randofo (author)  robotics_sk4 years ago
That should be fine.
robotics_sk4 years ago
how do i print the templates?
randofo (author)  robotics_sk4 years ago
You should be able to open the eps with one of the image viewing programs on your computer. Then, just print it out using a normal computer printer (be careful not to re-size it)
robotics_sk4 years ago
where can we buy the servos motors??
randofo (author)  robotics_sk4 years ago
I'm using Parallax motors. Try:
101nemesis4 years ago
the thing is if we modify the servos for direct drive.
wont it block the handle of the telephone.?
randofo (author)  101nemesis4 years ago
What do you mean?
no what i mean is ..
wont the bolts get hit by the arm of the telephone..
and could u pls tell me how does a modified servo work ..
as in how does it rotate exactly
thnk u
randofo (author)  101nemesis4 years ago
No, because the switch reverses the movement of the motor before it gets the chance to go that far.

Basically, a servo is a geared motor with a controller board inside. When I modify it, I remove the controller board so that the motor becomes direct drive. In the materials step, I have a link to how to do this.

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