In a few simple steps, you can make your own bottomless tank that your fish can swim in and out of.

It's a striking, above-water aquarium that fish can swim in and out of. And unless there's a leak or jolt to the aquarium, there shouldn't be any implosion and resulting flood in your house.

The principle behind this awesome aquarium trend is that the pressure at the top of the inverted "tank" is much less than the pressure at the bottom and less than the atmospheric pressure. The water will not leave, especially if all the air has been sucked out.

Please note that this idea requires the usage of a dremel tool and plastic will be burning/flying so work in a well-ventilated space.
Also note that since this is not aquarium safe plastic, this may or may not kill your fish. Please use some test fish first or something.

Okay, let's get started.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


2 plastic bowls, trays, etc... in which one can fit on top of the other. Look in the vase or tupperware or cup/bowl section of your local supermarket. There's rarely any clear buckets. Ideally, one should be more bowl-like and the other more tray-like.

Whisper Filter. The gentlest one will be fine, that's what I used. The more power, the fast it'll go. It'll be modded into a pump.

Air pump.

Airline tubing. Enough length for the end to reach the top of your inverted bowl, though the access hole, and to your Whisper Filter.

Test fish. Cheap shrimp or fish.

optional: plants, gravel, ornaments, airstone.


Dremel tool with cutter attachment. optional: grinder attachment.

Rough sandpaper.

Small cross-head screwdriver.

Needle nose pliers.

Measuring Tape




Electricity with at least 2 outlets.

Plastic fork or knife or spoon or styrofoam curly.

Rubber band.
Why didnt you use a syringe or a basting tool?
I tryed this with a clear plastic cup and plastic to-go box and it worked great! I think i'll make one out of glass soon for a gold fish. <br>Thanks!
This is wicked!

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