Introduction: Simple Braid

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This is a very simple hair due that I love to wear because it's easy and fun. It works on medium and long hair, and you can do it on yourself, a doll, or someone else. I'm using an American Girl Doll=)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

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You will need...
•1 hairbrush and/or comb
•1 hair tie
•1 accessory (optional)

Step 2: Clean, Brushed, Combed, Parted

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Before you begin, make sure the hair you're working on is cleaned, brushed, combed, and parted. This makes it easy for you and your hair.

Step 3: Section Off

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Section your hair into three equal parts.

Step 4: Over

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Take the leftmost section and bring it over to the middle.

Step 5: Over

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Then take the rightmost section and bring it to the middle.

Step 6: Over

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Then bring the leftmost section to the middle.

Step 7: Over

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Then bring the rightmost section to the middle. As you can probably tell, the barmaid is simply a pattern that repeats itself over and over again. So continue this pattern until you have about one-two (1-2) inches of hair left.

Step 8:

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Step 9:

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Step 10:

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Step 11: Tie It Off

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To tie off your braid, wrap a hair tie around it as many times as needed.

Step 12: Add an Accessory

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I made a small bow charm out of loom bands for an accessory, but many other things can be used, too!

Step 13: Different

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I have three (3) different views of this braid. I hope you enjoy it and thank you so much for viewing!

Step 14: Check These Out, Too!

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Nice job! I like the little loom band bow too :)

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