Introduction: Simple But Powerful Rechargeable PowerBank

It's My First Instructable I wish that you all support me . PowerBank is very useful Gadget Today I am going to make simple and powerful PowerBank with some simple components

let's make it.

what we need for PowerBank

1. 4x lithium Ii-ion Batteries
2. 2x Tp4056 li-ion Charge Controller
3. 1x lm7805 Power Regulator
4. 2x25v 1000uf capacitor
5. 1x Diode 4007

Step 1: Batteries Stack

Solder two Batteries Positive terminal to positive and negative termination to terminal in parallel and same with other two Batteries that increase mAh of powerbank

Step 2: Combine Stack of Batteries

solder that pairs of batteries with negative to positive and left another negative and positive

Step 3: Connecting Charge Controller

Now connect Tp4056 with both stack positive and negative so on

Step 4: 7805 Regulator

Now make 7805 circuit and connect with battery stack with on off switch

Step 5: Testing

Check the output with Multimeter if not getting desired result check the all steps carefully


Swansong (author)2016-12-29

Great simple fix :)

StudentP (author)Swansong2016-12-29

Very thanks for your comment it's so valuable for me ?