Introduction: Simple CPVC Blowgun and Darts

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This blowgun is very simple in theory and can be built in less than 30 minutes for under $5 using a 3 foot section of CPVC pipe with a female adapter as a mouth piece on one end and a piece of foam insulation to hold the darts.

There are three basic designs for blowguns. First is the standard one-piece gun which usually comes in lengths from 24 inches to 48 inches. There's the two-piece gun, which is usually 48 to 72 inches and finally you can buy a breakdown or backpacker style blowgun. The backpacker style blowgun usually breaks down into 3 or 4 pieces so you can store it in your backpack.

Modern blowguns tend to be made out of aircraft aluminum tubing.

You will need the following materials:

- 3 feet of 1/2" CPVC pipe (Home Depot/Lowes/hardware store)
- 1/2" CPVC female adapter (Home Depot/Lowes/hardware store)
- Ball point straight pins (Size/No: 20-1 1/4") (sewing store/Walmart)
- 2 inches of 1 1/2" pipe foam insulation (Home Depot/Lowes/hardware store)
- sheet of notebook paper
- superglue
- gluestick

Step 1: CPVC Blowgun Construction

Picture of CPVC Blowgun Construction

1. Cut a 3' section of 1/2" CPVC and sand down any burs around both ends on both the outside and inside. This forms the blow gun tube.

2. Press on, but do not cement, a 1/2" female adapter onto one end of the 3' section of 1/2" CPVC. Try to find the female adapter's that have a rubber washer on the inside of the wide end. If you can't find one then purchase one. It should be 3/4" OD and 1/2" ID and 1/8" thick. The washer helps to prevent the dart from coming out. This forms the mouth piece.

3. Cut a 2" wide section of foam and wrap it around the CPVC tube 1' from the female adapter. This forms the dart holder.

Step 2: Dart Construction

Picture of Dart Construction

1. Draw 1" diameter circles on a sheet of paper. Draw a "+" inside each circle from end to end. Cut out each circle then cut in half along one diameter line. Roll up one half of the straight edge to the line down the middle and release.

2. Apply the glue stick on 1/4" of the half-circle in a pie-shaped segment. Roll the non-glued edge around to the remaining line on the paper and roll the glued side around forming a cone shape. Allow to dry.

3. From the inside of the cone, push through a straight pin until the head rests at the bottom of the cone. Make sure the pin is straight. Allow one drop of super glue to drop into the cone. Allow to dry.

4. If the base of the cone is too large to fit into the blow gun, set the cone into the end of the pipe and note how much sticks up. Using a pair of scissors make many small cuts around the base of the cone down to the level of the dart gun opening.

5. Stick your supply of darts on both sides of the foam around the blow gun tube.

Step 3: Operating Procedures

1. Remove the mouth piece, slide a dart into the tube, and replace the mouth piece.

2. Grip the blowgun with one hand behind the mouthpiece and about midway down with the other.

3. Take a deep breath. Place your lips against the mouth piece forming a tight seal. Aim your blow gun and quickly and forcefully blow. DO NOT INHALE! The mouth piece and rubber washer should not allow the dart to move backwards but never inhale with your mouth against the mouth piece.


skippy00 (author)2013-10-12

After I had been shooting the blowgun for a while I realized it was very inaccurate. If you use 1/2 inch copper pipe it is much more accurate. The copper pipe is not very heavy and is definitely straighter. And for darts I use nails and then I make the cones on the back out of duck tape because they are basically waterproof

freeza36 (author)2012-02-24

Hey i just wanted to know your input to the question that Higgs Boson, myself, and another one of our friends are all asking. What can be done to make the blowguns better at this point? Yours and ours are practically identical, except for the darts. Even with the best darts we can make, they still only ever shoot accurately at a max 35 feet. What do you think?

wajahat_911 (author)2011-12-22

Check this out ;)

jbb3141 (author)wajahat_9112011-12-22

Hey, very nice! Definitely a step up and a lot more "lethal" than mine! :)

wajahat_911 (author)jbb31412011-12-23

Thank you for the appreciation.. BY THE WAY.. I learned to make pin darts form your instructable!!.. THANK YOU :)

freeza36 (author)wajahat_9112012-01-14

i use nail darts

dom104 (author)FrenchCrawler2011-08-28

it dont matter lossen up

crayzclown1 (author)2009-05-10

use skewers for the darts, the added weight gives it more power

dom104 (author)crayzclown12011-08-28

im just trying every dart i see

crayzclown1 (author)crayzclown12009-11-25

But less accuracy.

scottmiller (author)crayzclown12009-12-28

 using nails seems to work well and it doesn't get blown around in the wind. Also I use index cards instead of paper and duct tape the outside it makes a really strong durable and waterproof dart that hit much harder than pins or skewers.

use wire hangers. they have more weight and i can get mine trough a fourth inch piece of plywood

ilpug (author)ManchesterUtd.2011-02-17

i use aluminum roofing nails, they are metal, but lightweight.

vruiz3 (author)ilpug2011-08-26

the epic debate

3500 (author)2010-12-05

i'm putting a 4x32 magnification scope to my blowgun. it should be the most accurate weapon i've had.

jbb3141 (author)35002010-12-05

lol, that's awesome! Please post a picture :)

3500 (author)jbb31412010-12-06

thanks i will but i have to buy it first. i'm also painting it with red scorpion camo and the paint jobs arent going well so i have to keep trying. in a few weeks it should be done.

max_x (author)2009-12-23

Very good job!  Keep up the good work! xD

Thundertydus (author)2009-04-23

I cut some slits with my bandsaw into the adaptar and slipped in some wire mesh, to prevent the dart going in, surprisingly i only lost about half a foot of distance

thebluemartyr (author)2008-11-18

my cones are better, they require no trimming...

Hahahahahaha -- Its Fred,Fred Burger!

smabber (author)2008-08-23

very good, but the paper on the end of the darts often get soggy. I'd recommend making the darts with cut off coat hanger wire (then sharpen the points) and lots of strands of wool stuck on the ends to replace the paper cones. i love the blowgun design though!!!

lasermaster3531 (author)smabber2009-01-07

i have a 5' long blowgun, and i use the paper from magazines for the darts because it don't get soggy. use jumbo paperclips for the point, you can hammer them into broadheads or file them really sharp. you can also choose how long the paperclip has to be, just fold the blunt end over in a small amount. the longer and skinnier the cone, the straighter they fly. the longer the barrel on the blowgun, the faster the dart goes.

sgt.paper (author)2007-07-09

just break down and by a real one people

this website doesn't give instructions for buying real blowguns. we make real blowguns!

geeklord (author)sgt.paper2008-09-13

that defeats the purpose if this website, nitwit

AnarchistAsian (author)geeklord2008-11-13

yeah, seriously...

AnarchistAsian (author)2008-11-13

nice, i like how you used the adapter as a mouth piece...

Puck13 (author)2008-11-12

what does CPVC stand for (ive got some but want to know). thanks

jbb3141 (author)Puck132008-11-13

Puck13, it stands for chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC). It's the hot water equivalent of PVC, in general.

Mattrox (author)2008-05-22

Looks great 4 star rating

371944a (author)2008-01-31

yea cool I just shoot friends dog accidently

nerfer192 (author)2007-10-30

did this yesterday....shot chair...stuck into

casvandegoor (author)2007-03-01

nice and neath worked out, I`ve got also a gun and cannon. come and watch!

jbb3141 (author)2006-09-26

Nice try but no joy. The information is on a site I've had registered since 2002 and is now being moved to a new hosting company. The only part where the text is similar is the description of common lengths of real blowguns, hence the word common.

FrenchCrawler (author)jbb31412006-09-26

The main intro text seems to have come from the first cached link. It was posted up 2001 (located at the bottom left of the page, right after "Conclusion")... "There are three basic designs for blowguns. First is the standard one-piece gun which usually comes in lengths from 24 inches to 48 inches. There's the two-piece gun, which is usually 48 to 72 inches and finally you can buy a breakdown or backpacker style blowgun. The backpacker style blowgun usually breaks down into 3 or 4 pieces so you can store it in your backpack. Modern blowguns tend to be made out of aircraft aluminum tubing." Granted some of the sentences have been changed, but the content is all the same. Are you trying to tell me that you placed your sentences in the order that the other site placed theirs by accident?

I was kind of expecting a yes or some kind of reply, too bad some people refuse to give credit where credit is due.... BTW, I'd like to visit your website after it's been moved.... maybe it'll give me some new ideas (kind of like this site did). Any chance we can have an address? Thanks for your time.

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