Picture of Simple Card Flourish
Here's an easy flourish for those of you who are just getting into card flourishing or need something to spice up their routines.
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Step 1: Basics and Background

Before we start working with the cards, wash your hands. Not only will this facilitate easier card handling, but it will keep your nice, new cards clean and slick.

When I first start learning any trick or flourish, I always use half the deck. Now my hands are smaller than most, so feel free to use whatever amount of cards fits your hands best.

Please keep in mind: I am not a professional of any sort

What you're about to see is the product of a little practice and some luck. Don't get discouraged - just work with it a little here and a little there until you get comfortable with it.

Step 2: Let's Get Started!

Picture of Let's Get Started!
First, hold the pack securely in your right hand. Split the cards using your left index finger, and split once more using your left ring finger. You'll have three packs now. The middle pack (held between your left ring finger and thumb will swing under the leftmost pack, around the leftmost pack, and above it. At this point, initiate the grab.

Step 3: The Grab

Picture of The Grab
The grab should be executed with whichever fingers are most comfortable. I use a combination of my right index, middle, and ring. The point is to securely grasp the middle pack with the right hand.

Step 4: What's Left

Picture of What's Left
The final portion is the follow through. Grasp the rightmost pack with your left middle finger and thumb, and pivot it below the leftmost pack. Place the other two packs on top of each other, and you've got yourself a beautiful flourish.

Now go out and astound your friends, relations, cats with your newfound talent.
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