Introduction: Simple Card Guessing Magic Trick

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Step 1: What You Need

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All you need a deck of cards and a volunteer.

To prepare you will need to look at the bottom card and memorize it. ( it can be any card )

Step 2: Drop

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Drop the top cards on the bottom and tell them to say stop when they want to. Let them take the cards they said stop to. Tell them to memorize the card.

Step 3: The Trick

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Close the deck. Open it randomly and make them put their card on the top card so the bottom card will go on their card

Step 4: Look Through the Deck

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Look through the deck and their card will be in front of the bottom card you memorized. Their card was the 5 of spades

Step 5: Practice

Practice. Practice. Practice this trick a lot and you will get it. Watch your volunteers be amazed

Step 6: You Are Done

Enjoy I will post more magic tricks


DeedeeB1 (author)2016-03-08

this didnt work..... i dont understand.

alex_bxurne (author)DeedeeB12016-05-02


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