This is a quick and dirty thing I thought of when I found some milk crates and wanted to use them for more than one thing, but that seemed to require splitting their interior space in half.  They're just about the right size for two shoes (of my size, anyway), and I had some cardboard, so I put 'em together and came out with someone usable and kinda cool :).  Here's how.

Step 1: Materials, Sizing and Marking

For tools this one's simple.  You'll need:
  • Marker
  • Knife
  • Cutting surface
  • Cardboard
  • Milk crate
Image 1
Now, first just cut off a chunk of cardboard a bit longer than your shelf needs to be. I ended up needing two layers to keep it strong enough.  You could even get fancy at the end and tape 'em together for a more cohesive shelf.  You probably noticed mine isn't exaclt perfect, but it does the job :).

Image 2
Next, lay it down in front of your milk crate and mark about a 1/2 inch out from either edge of the box, to give your fingers some support room.  Mark it on one or both pieces and get 'em onto your cutting surface.

Image 3
Square upyour marks (from the manufactured side, not the side you cut off the box, as that's probably not perfectly straight unless you were more careful than I was).

Image 4
Cut 'em off!  You can use the marks you made, or use the first piece as a guide for the second so they end up the same length.  Next: joinery...
please a flash or light would enable me to see this. Not trying to ne negative but it it is way too dark
The photos are light enough for me to see what's going on, but sorry, my phone doesn't take the best photos and I have no camera at the moment, so I do my best.
Great Idea. If your "shelf" seems a little too bendy, a couple layers of papier mache would toughen it up.
Very good idea!
Thanks! Glad ya like it :).

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