Here's a little thing my fiancé and I put together for our friend's birthday. He's going to be four and is really into pirates. So we bought him a pirate themed game and decided to make a treasure chest out of the gift box.

A lot of the material we already had around the house so it didn't cost us anything but my time (about an hour) to shape and design the box. We plan on "burying" the gift somewhere in his house (we live in a city, no yards!) and we'll give him a treasure map of the floor plan to find it.

I had fun creating it and didn't stress about perfect corners much (he'll be four!), so there are no real measurements here.  I'd love to hear how you modified this idea to suit your needs.

You'll need materials. I gathered:
a large cutting mat (something to protect your surface)
a box cutter (sharp blades really help)
a cardboard box (we recycled a rectangular medium shipping box)
roll of 1/2" wide double sided tape
roll of 1" wide black duct tape
thin point sharpie marker
12" L metal square ruler
clear scotch tape
approx 3ft x 1ft of brown craft paper
wide felt black and brown markers
a brown colored pencil
gold metallic marker
a gold metallic gift bow
some shiny yellow/gold plastic baubles
yellow/gold gift paper

First find a box that your gift sits nicely in.

Step 1: Step 1 - Create Your Curved Top

Put your gift in the box to estimate the correct height necessary for your "walls".

Just above the "gift line" insert your sharp box cutter blade into each corner of the wall and cut up to the top. Be careful to position yourself so if your blade slips you don't stab your arm or eye, this is a pirate party not a slasher film.

Bend the cut walls over the gift line, you'll see the flaps of the cover meet neatly across the gift and already form the treasure chest dome effect. Hooray!
I made this last night!! I didn't think I would be able to but I learn best by doing so I just grabbed a box and got started. I would look back at your photos and instructions throughout the process. I did alter the top a bit as I plan to use this as a prize chest at a birthday party. I cut mine at the sides and attached the flaps to the top with tape and left only one hinge of sorts on the back so the box can be opened repeatedly. I plan to decorate the box in the party theme colors. Thanks for posting this, it was easy to do and I like that the top isn't a curved dome. Those seem so much harder to make to me!! Anyway thanks again!!
This is a great innovation for the top, if I ever make another one I will try your technique! Good job!! :)
We are planning a pirate party for my four year old. I love this. I'm sure we could make an even larger one. I was thinking of doing a treasure hunt and making a giant chest and filling with with sand and treasure would be awesome. I'll be adding this to my favorites and making it soon.
This is awesome and the instructions are great! This is something we will definitely make in our house.
Thank you so much! I'd love to hear/see how your Treasure Chest goes for you. :)

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